Welcome to The Library! We're a little corner of PS where fans of all sorts of academics gather to share knowledge. Want to tell us how much you love Osiris? Want to share a story you have written? Want to discuss a book you read recently? Then this is the place for you! Feel free to talk about all kinds of library related stuff!

Join us for our contests, events or games that are constantly going on in the room. If you win certain events, you can also earn quills, which can be exchanged for amazing prizes. One example of a way you can earn quills is through lectures. If you want to take a few minutes to teach the room about a topic that fits the room’s interests, you can PM a staff member and ask to be officially registered for a lecture.

If you’d like to see a list of events use the command /roomevents. Remember to say hello to our resident bot, the Kobold Librarian!

Room Rules:

  1. You must follow all global rules.
  2. Off-topic discussion is permitted. Be respectful and do not derail on-topic discussions. Topics related to the room’s theme always have priority.
  3. Avoid discussing topics that cause unnecessary arguments in the room. These include but are not limited to topics related to political and religious opinions. We cannot list all topics that are problematic, but if a topic is causing heated debate or arguments in the room, you may be asked to drop the topic and move on to something more pleasant.
  4. Please do not discuss your personal problems or vent in the room. We understand that these may be issues that are of great importance to you, but the Library is not the place to discuss these problems outside of the context of writing. There are other places and people to talk to if you need personal help.
  5. You are allowed to share your own work. If you want to share something you have written, you can post a pastebin or Google Docs link with your work. A staff member has to approve this however. Make sure that your story is appropriate for all ages.
  6. All links should be relevant to the room's topic. Off-topic links may be broken. When posting a link, please provide proper context and label your link. This includes battle and replay links unless they're relevant to a tournament in the room itself.
  7. Keep all discussions PG-13. We understand that mythology and history are full of scandal and themes currently considered inappropriate. You may reference these without going into excessive graphic detail.
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