Portfolio - Bär Halberkamp

Pokémon Showdown

Server Administrator; Developer and Community Manager since 2015.

Large scale community with hundreds of thousands of active users.

Rewrote large parts of the code, including the punishment and moderation architecture and many chat functions, allowed more streamlined management.

Focus on communication between development team and community plus staff.

Kid A / bumba.me

More informal personal project I've worked on since 2016. Webserver plus chat bot for Pokémon Showdown. Has a large number of useful features for Showdown users and staff, including parsing and visualizing data from chat logs and a content management system.

Fully written in node.js, using redis as the database and cache, handlebars.js for HTML templates, connect for the webserver and markdown for rendering user-made pages. Uses multiple APIs, including last.fm, YouTube and Mashape.

Almost entirely written by me, including CSS and site content. Made to scale for use by thousands of users daily, parsing hundreds of thousands of chat messages every day with limited resources.

Battle for Wesnoth

Former Developer and Dutch Translator.

Well-known open-source strategy game written in C++ for almost all platforms, including mobile.

Created and balanced multiplayer content, designed maps and animations, made various quality of life improvements and helped design lore and background for in-game campaigns.

In-game scripts in both Lua and Wesnoth's own scripting language.

Some bugfixes and improvements to the underlying C++ code.