Wi-Fi Room Breeding Contests

The aim of this contest is to breed a Pokémon that fits within each month's special category. Whether you devote yourself to breeding or happen to hatch a shiny matching the specifications, read on to enter your Pokémon.

Current Contest:

Basic Rules:

  1. All entries must be shiny unless otherwise stated!
  2. All entries must be untouched! Submit it fresh out of the egg.
  3. All entries must be bred in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon. Entries without the + regional marking will be disqualified.
  4. TSV hatching is banned. This is where an egg is sent to another game to be hatched as shiny. Your entry will be disqualified and you may face further punishment.
  5. Any type of RNG, reuse of egg seeds, swap breeding method, and other similar methods are heavily discouraged. This contest is intended only for Pokémon that were naturally hatched without any manipulation.
  6. Hacked and illegal Pokémon are banned; you will likely be subject to further punishment.

Entering your Pokémon:

  1. An entry form will be linked in the room intro. Answer all required fields and any optional fields if they apply.
  2. Enter the information about your entry carefully. Anything entered incorrectly means you may be disqualified. It is not our duty to fix your mistakes.

Voting Rules:

  1. Voting will begin after the deadline and is purely by voter preference. Polls will remain open for 1 week.
  2. There will be a second private vote in the Wi-Fi staff Discord.
  3. Entrants will be allowed to vote twice in the contest for any entries. Contact room staff with your second vote.
  4. Wi-Fi roomauth will be allowed to vote twice.

The Winner:

  1. The winning Pokémon and breeder will be featured in the room intro for at least a week!

Winners may be contacted by a member of staff for a legality check.

View entries of days long past by clicking HERE.