Before trading, make sure to check the Hacked Pokémon list.

PS Username Alts IGN Friend code Reason Added by Date added
TH3BLA3KWRATHE VGC Bilal 0146-9579-4054 Trading multiple WT and self-hacked pokemon neycwang PERMA BANNED
tisrhyma Rhyma 0705-3644-1334 Traded Pokemon with self-hacked nicknames to other users. anubis PERMABANNED
MeepBard Tristan 4399-2321-6294 Self-hacked a False Swipe Squirtle that was traded in the room. anubis PERMA BANNED
LBAT Pikachu Julia 4528-2145-5976 Attempted to Giveaway a self-admittedly genned Sylveon while knowing the rules mehlord PERMA BANNED
fanfordan Danny 3840-8496-8159, 2681-5671-9067 Tried to give away a self-hacked Gible with a very suspicious TID/SID; claimed the TID was inherited from the parents by breeding. wyrx PERMA BANNED
johnny99ep Johnny 99 4442-2460-4989 Offered a Hacked Shiny Zygarde, and then tried to re-offer that Zygarde the next day only de-shinified to make it seem legit mehlord PERMA BANNED
Dragonite88888 asdfghjklasdf, electivire123456 Ash 1177-8373-2298 Traded a bunch of self-hacked shinified mons in the room to another user. Anubis PERMA BANNED
LCWS Beartic monotypewhat, opfopf T.J. Beartic 2595-1538-9473 Traded a self-obtained 6 IV shiny Swanna from Wormholes, claimed they SOS'd it. anubis PERMA BANNED
Smoking 1091-8808-1417 Reportedly scammed a user while cloning. Bad presence in the room afterwards. Promoted hacking when BL expired. anubis PERMA BANNED
shayminlass123 Jackie 3239-5079-7206 Claimed that the shiny hacked giratina they were offering was theirs. First said it was from gen 7 and then claimed to have gotten it from gen 4. orasmega PERMA BANNED
Tom Yabo yungvce Vacciani 4485-1885-4581 Trading self-hacked Pokemon. shuutsukiyama PERMA BANNED
antman4587 , Firedragon122 1392-8849-4204 Offering self-hacked Pokemon in the room. megaeeveex PERMA BANNED
paxplayer yellowbot74, bluemanmoon2, manwithonefinge PAX Player 3841-1038-5666 Hacked EVs onto other users' Pokemon. Claimed he battled to EV train, but the training occurred in less than 10 minutes with no experience growth. anubis PERMA BANNED
Mettatex Metta 4914-4256-1570 Traded self-hacked Pokemon. anubis PERMA BANNED
kaiothemeatmaker fuckyboylawrence 0748-6832-5797 Offering to hack Pokemon in the room despite multiple warnings. anubis PERMA BANNED
Pokemonislife99 Chris 4914-5660-1287 Attempted to trade 6iv event they "softreset a bunch of times for" and when confronted claimed it might have been because their friend hacked their 3ds. wyrx PERMA BANNED
p0t4tO p0t4tO 0404-7980-7983 Tried to GA shiny Tapu Bulu that they claimed to have caught in USUM. anubis PERMA BANNED
ArcheryVGC Hunter 2105-9226-0618 Trading self-hacked Lapras missing relearn moves: zohart PERMA BANNED
bewonders Quackbob Edena 2380-6927-6406 Previously blacklisted for "hacked a female cherish ball greninja to breed for a shiny cherish ball one". After first BL expired, attempted to GA Zeraora obtained from friends but it was untradeable at the time. anubis PERMA BANNED
Antsauce antsauce0110 Anthony 1349-8556-1891 Gave out self-hacked shiny Toxapex and Gourgeist in GTS GAs anubis PERMA BANNED
eeveetosylveon Luke 0276-1261-9341 Tried to give away a self-obtained Galileo Rayquaza. It was hacked. anubis PERMA BANNED
Lay Panini Félix 3626-2469-2530 Claimed they soft-reset a shiny 6 IV modest Latias at odds of 1 in 3,355,443,200 (no shiny charm or synchronize). When confronted, said their DS must be old/glitched. anubis PERMA BANNED
Palpitoadtrainer palpitoadmarco, palpitoad18, ultrasuntrainer12, palpitoadfan, palpitoadtrainer18, palpitoadtrainerm, Let's Go Palpitoad, ultrasunhero1, ultrasun12, moontrailer17, moontrainer17 Marco 1951-3939-5572 Offering self-obtained hacked Pokemon and lying that staff checked it throwingstar PERMA BANNED
stalli89 stalli 1006-4561-3884 traded multiple illegal event pokemon from the same region and language wyrx PERMA BANNED
BOXHEAD1 Adam 0533-9856-5622 Traded a lot of self-hacked shiny mons with faked hatch proof. All mons of theirs are considered hacked. TID: 850367 anubis PERMA BANNED
panos123 okbaby 4742-6244-2769 Said that a pokemon was 6IV, but it wasn't. Did the same thing again.,,ZZc0JDv#0 Lord Marcel/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Killbox187 Charlotte 1135-0734-7714 Traded a self obtained 6iv shiny Xurkitree without proof 10 days after USUM was released. Further inspection showed they had many hacked mons in their trade shop like a self obtained Uxie with a Gen 7 TID with only 1 perfect IV. throwingstar PERMA BANNED
Deelicious Sam 3523-3345-2998 Attempted to trade a self-obtained shiny Swampert caught in Platinum. This is an illegal encounter. anubis PERMA BANNED
Leo2789 Luna 3583-2978-6144 Hacked moves onto a shiny Morelull he bred and GAed it the same day. Only his hack had the illegal moves, and those moves were explicitly listed on the giveaway information. anubis PERMA BANNED
azurearceus Kyle 0276-3150-8287 Hacked a lot of mons for sans_1234561, who then traded them in the room. anubis PERMA BANNED
sans1234561 Necrozma_0967, Necroznite, marshadow483, Aegis MK11, Aegis MK, TestT34M5, DJ 0ctavio, S0m30ne, Skr3k, squidass, octolingfucker, aegismkii, SuicuneUser666 Wyatt 0147-2386-2355 Traded a hacked Mew despite being told not to, and also lied about its IVs. Scammed a second user with more hacks that they claimed were legit. History of requesting hacks from user AzureArceus and knowingly trading them. throwingstar PERMA BANNED
sonicatorTM Melwin 4055-6730-8333 Offering hacking in pms. flyingkebab PERMA BANNED
NeonNep Summer 2209-0549-9207 Offering multiple self hacked Pokemon throwingstar PERMA BANNED
FreakyFrosslass 0920-0839-9239 Cloner Impersonator anubis PERMA BANNED
Champion Dooom Earth Dandy Alden 4425-2832-8738 Traded a Shinifed Charizard and attempted to trade a Shinified OCT2014 Diancie, attempted to hide on alt when he discovered he broke the rules. mehlord PERMA BANNED
Nassim18 Nassim 1719-3171-7419 Traded a Self hacked Shiny Bunnelby missing relearn moves. When confronted showed a different Bunnelby to staff as well as showing other hacked pokemon he gaveaway dr22 PERMA BANNED
bonkbonk23 fairyiscute clark 0920-1352-4328 Asked to gen for us. Informed this is banned. Switched to alt, tried to do unofficial GA of Lopunny. Claimed he didn't know where it came from, then said it was self-obtained. Lopunny was hacked under his OT. anubis PERMA BANNED
Richarf 12inchponglenis, adolfh1tmonchan, biggadthanu, cranbeef, electroballin, fappingfarfetchd, fatwhoretiffany, garbodorgallade, godh8sfags, hoodnlgga, longpenis69, longrichard, rockaddict, s1rkay, urmomisfatanddumb, yurgae 2294-6012-1014 Permalocked user. Should not be able to contact users for trades. Contact staff if this user contacts you. anubis PERMA BANNED
Epicludicolo2 SwampXpert Mudkip 1478-5391-8919 Said he would unshinify a keldeo, which is shiny locked in the first place. Scammed again 6/30/2015. anubis PERMA BANNED
Mega-420Blaziken Ryan 2122-9939-8173 Did a giveaway for a 6IV Shiny Minior that couldn't be traded, when confronted, they said that they deleted it. Was an approved cloner at the time claiming to be MMing large numbers of flawless shinies in very few eggs. anubis PERMA BANNED
LegitBehind Gavin 0190-2218-4692 Cloning was needed for their Clefable, which had a ribbon memory mismatch. They admitted it was self obtained but couldn't explain why it was hacked until after the ban. They resorted to blaming their brother afterwards. anubis PERMA BANNED
Savenebby Tai 3712-0294-2038 Traded 6 IV shiny Partner Cap Pikachu, claimed self-obtained through QR code. It was shinified and had different OT from official mon. dr22 PERMA BANNED
AD Adam Entente Cordial, epicgames911 Adam 1392-9114-6065 History of trading mons with inadequate proof. Traded shiny HG Geodude with inadequate proof with OT: Adam and it was hacked. anubis PERMA BANNED
higaming GreninjaPlayess, bobplayez, beastballl, higamingthepro, burritosgavemeshit, tacosgavemeshit, ROBOTPLAY, woahthatscool324 Pancho 3927-0431-9149 Traded a hacked Sceptile for a shiny T-tar, said they would give T-tar back and went offline. At the time was already blacklisted for being a nuisance and trading hacks. anubis PERMA BANNED
DazzleGengar anthraxbruh, anthraxizhere, aprilfoolshate, aquazeus, competitor1, competitor2, competitor3, dukethepimp, DukeThePumpkin, dukethepumpkin00, epicscyther, epicskarmory, gymleadergroudon, gymleaderkyogre, hailcommunism, iipapinaji, iiphantomisback, jaxfaxy, lamescizor, megasceptiley, megaUNsceptile, megaunsceptilex, megaunsceptiley, MercenariesSaga, primalweavile, shiniestscizor, snivyvines, Staraptortheboss, staraptorthewalker, traej, tyranitaraggron, uselessscizor, WartortleTheLord, yaboizygarde, Ydemoniclight, ytmunchingorange, zoltarthefirst, ScizorSkarmory, AnthraXAssassin, AnthraXKid, Starpatorthewalker, LoveKimbo, sacredburn, ShitGar, PrimalSnorlax, sakanosilvally, clovergardevior, nightfiregallade, phytondemoonlight, MenceTheMenance, mumford00, OblivionOverKill JaxFaxy, Kugo, Aleks 3454-6154-6520, 4785-4737-4768, 4743-0960-3800, 3110-9659-1908, 3454-6154-5620 Trying to GA and trade hacks. Evasion of blacklists. Attempted to GA a hacked shiny Mewtwo self-obtained from their old save file. Evaded and GAed a mon that they didn't give. Continued to try trading hacks in the room. Constantly asking for accounts to evade. anubis PERMA BANNED
CascoonChills DreamBox Games, SoloPlayer14, RunRotom, Spamster, Aaron x Danny, 9815bestday, Dartrix Potter, horizon potter Aaron, Spam 2595-5867-3415 Traded a 4iv Gible obtained from the GTS and claimed it was a 6iv. Refused to talk when confronted and kept making battle challenges. In a later incident, used someone else's proof as his own and lied about it. Frequent evader. wyrx PERMA BANNED
pokeman211211 Reece 2810-3548-4325 GA'd a hacked shiny Greninja that they claimed was self-obtained. anubis PERMA BANNED
DJAlvinite Mickey 0748-2950-5501 Traded a "self-bred shiny spinda" from ORAS but it had fateful encounter and nonrelearnable EMs. Traded a 0 IV shiny Stakataka with same OT to a different user. nuren PERMA BANNED
imaginedreality , shadowmaster12345 Misba, Misbah 2466-5033-7212 Traded a self-hacked shinified 6 IV Kartana. flyingkebab PERMA BANNED
LeaderOfNorthKorea Diana 2251-8811-9488 Trading Self Hacks within the room, using sketchy proofs, dr22 PERMA BANNED
Jorgitoo Goborbei Goborbei 3754-9860-8628 Lying about being approved cloner in 8/2015. Scammed in a 2:1 trade in 12/2017 and stopped replying when confronted, and, nuren PERMA BANNED
yugi19065 yugi19065 5043-5709-8268, 2552-7131-6574 Offering hacked mons from AuSLove.TV and WT on multiple occasions. Had link to adult content in their shop. Was BL for 1 year, then returned offering to hack Pokemon for users for money. nuren PERMA BANNED
seccy Seccy 4355-9518-7650 Traded hacked Snorunt from AS missing EM as relearnable, claimed it was a self-breed nuren PERMA BANNED
Neko Vamp NeKO VamP 4785-7861-1065 Traded self-hacked female Verity's Piplup nuren PERMA BANNED
cheesecow PoopyHorse, wormcheese Jacob 1220-9036-3384 intentionally hacked a shiny bounsweet - has invalid egg moves cynara PERMA BANNED
yannick253 munchlaxmoney, yannickpleyer, munchlaxmoney, yannickpleyer Yannick 2552-3109-8343 Tried to trade hacked Celebrate Magikarp. Changed stories multiple times when confronted with the fact. nuren PERMA BANNED
TrueTemmieKiri Kirito 0276-1672-9704 Trading hacked shiny XY mewtwo (shiny locked mon), claims it was self-obtained from OR tournament prize nuren PERMA BANNED
christao NonaryIX, felipefirered, harvestsun CRIS/Cris 3926-5372-5663 Hacked to change the nature on his Pokemon obtained from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness pokemonlv10 PERMA BANNED
admiral titan Cody 3025-0387-3623, GAing self hacks. Salamence and Shiny Gyarados are wild-caught 6IVs which are exceedingly difficult to find without RNG. pokemonlv10 PERMA BANNED
VictyLusi LUSI 2105-9799-7531 Previously BLed for hacks and appealed. Then was caught trading a self-hacked Shiftry with an illegal moveset, lied to staff about it., & lieparite PERMA BANNED
EAGenius13 KartanaGoat, KingGreene13, EAGenius10 Emmanuel 2552-5743-0824 DC'd from trade after trading the first mon then lied to staff about it after confronted, and 5fingermachpunch PERMA BANNED
theGatr M 5258-1006-3249 tried to GTS GA a self hack and admitted to it, 5fingermachpunch PERMA BANNED
gest11 SunShoreStarapters, Canam Ursarangs Shadow 4184-4764-3372 Offerd a shiny self-obtained 5 IV Glaceon that turned out to be a 31/31/30/30/30/30 hacked Sakati.TV one ( Scammed again: 7/2018. Super rude on top of that. jkhowling PERMA BANNED
LuciferArtemis LuciferCortez Tes 4098-3374-1223 lied about IVs, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Kaioger yukiter Takeo 0147-1069-7878 lied about IVs scammed a bunch, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
knarfenna M.h.Shamalam, YesICan Max 2810-0380-1494 unapproved cloner scam, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Professoroakmann TeamSkullnBonez, teamoyster, mayormchamburger laketrainerlance Tido 3669-2368-9614 unapproved cloning and scamming, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
MegaAllyTho Shinyumbreon345, Scribb1enaut Kaz 3754-7964-1694 lied about IVs scammed cloning, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
theloveshell ash whole, Tortilla Jackson, Toxicock, I like shinys, Mr.Dogs, dat bulk doe, Diancir@!!!, SpecsQuag, that no Ash 3222-5774-7377 lied about IVs scammed a bunch,, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Rablle Kim Minx Kim 0361-7855-5107 IV scammed a bunch, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
SurrealPower SandyRaceee, pikapikapikkkka, pikamasterr, gshshsbahauaba CHICCO 3351-4365-5172 scammed a bunch wrong IVs, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Mentak Ira LanceLucid Dylan 2122-9876-0826 traded self hacks, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
hewyihherng neymar is god, cpa15yh, Claire Evans claire_evans92, hewyihherng12, Aitor Irquedez Merriweather 101 Airogvvfggv Sahil 44 Santi del Gonzalez nihilist101, peachtrees, Jesus Norton 2, kakabrazilian, Juank19O1, hernandezxavi, feelingdbr0, sca14yh, herng_hew Hew 2595-3353-8135, 4528-3366-6120 IV scams, multi to 1 scams, pretty much scams every few weeks, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
FAZE money celtilc, Wilderbeast567765, beatit567890, dellthemon, omisfuofthemonth, stronkismonk, abcismybda limjongkng, girlvsboyzzzzz, golemwamper Harry 5043-3750-0156 lied about being a cloner, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Mewtwo Trader leightallynbaker, knowyourputricia, amawira, mangelrogel12, diancienita Roy 3711-9248-2918 lied about IVs scammed a bunch, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Hoenn RuleZ dreampanda, montanaro sbronzo, caccatime, Ghoi oia, tylerdj967 Tyler, Dream 5472-7568-3121 lied about IVs a bunch,, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
VoltEdditz TheProReshiram, Voltman, pad@m Adam 5000-3450-3097 scammed a bunch,,Oet5zPf,3KF91wN#0 himynamesl PERMA BANNED
xXMgeaWurmpleXx Ballajac000, Jupiter3834, xXMega-BidoofXx, xXM3gaBidoofXx Jackson 4656-8248-6445 scammed a lot,,Bul7EJQ himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Niko kay fewgtg, Darmansion, Lipstick, lemonnn77, Uuuiii Beminet 4227-2848-1819 lied about being an approved cloner, traded with multiple users. himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Easypizzi Traderpokemon PlzDiancie Traderookemonn Pitbullloves Totodile op Tonyparkerbad Arkaeesha Jirachi Ft the masterix 3695-0372-2874 lied about IVs, pretended to be an approved cloner,, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
8jj1k9 Lcoter, slowestpoke Nick, Glareon, corfish, GoodGible, Cioze (PSki), Painfully Slow, Come On kids, Flareon Glare Umasci, Glareon, Luke 2879-0645-5221 Faked a cloners list to scam himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Leeham33 P-Ewing33 Liam, RubberFactory, krookodildo, Thickfreakness lll, Ursaringo, Youngdog, UtopiaMan, P-Ewing33, Leeham7 Liam 2036-8206-3572 scammed a lot, himynamesl PERMA BANNED
Seito Hakari Nave 652256 2638-0457-8540 GA'd hacked Tapu Kokos level 60 but HT'd while in a position of trust. derhydras PERMA BANNED
Moar_nonsense Komala3000, Blasphemy99, ExtraBalderdash, extrabalderdash Jackson 4957-3917-1718 iv wrong, Scammed again 9/7/2014,, ih8ih8sn0w PERMA BANNED
ChampionSpecter , JaimeWVGC Specter 5301-2912-2145 Offering free Pokemon in the chat / Admitted to them being self-hacked via PKSM., dratias PERMA BANNED
drapetomania Brett 0104-4064-2557 but said he was having PC difficulties and couldn't stay online long afterwards due to a prior IRL commitment. He has not been seen online for over two weeks now., Drapetomania was given Pokemon to clone by Gibbo on Sunday dratias PERMA BANNED
davide pedro gslure, Leo-gamer-18 Samantha 0533-6732-6594 Traded a shiny hacked Politoed, - was hackchecked by Luke and added to the Hacked Pokémon list; "Perf IVs, Shiny, caught in the wild at lv24, claims to be bred". Also lied about details, fischgrat PERMA BANNED
Ludicrousity 1392-8719-6038 Tried to give away a self hack, lordmarcel PERMA BANNED
Demzz none 4957-5891-6824 Knowingly trading presumably self-hacked talonflame. residentthatguy
Xedis4763ftw Zeeds Xedi 5387-0168-3456 tried to trade a self hacked pokemon, offered hacks while evading permaban lordmarcel PERMA BANNED
smashater G6 Buster, mega sharpedo x shadow 4270-5201-0900 trading hacked mons under the pretense that they were legit,, RosieTheVenusaur PERMA BANNED
EraseData Sia 4640-0002-6349 Asked JKHowling to clone two shiny self-breds for them, both were hacked. jkhowling PERMA BANNED
dedennecheese dedennechhese Isaac 4571-1570-8702 Previously BL in Jan 2017 for trying to give away hacks in PMs. Returned and tried to lotto GA a self-obtained hacked Zygarde event. alex PERMA BANNED
blazinglucario456 i 3969-7295-8868 tried to trade a self hacked marshadow that isn't out yet, lordmarcel PERMA BANNED
Descepticons N/A Jazzy 5430-1620-3664 6iv wild caught Lycanroc claimed it was theirs and traded one, RosieTheVenusaur PERMA BANNED
HarukaTenshi Alexah LunaTenshi 0490-8521-3993 Shinifying Salazzle and Comfey which have different TIDs than the user's own. alexender PERMA BANNED
YumiBurn Delano 3583-2960-9874 Admitted to shinifying pokes to a mod metaldm PERMA BANNED
9ersfan23 Ike 4699-6926-8457 offering to shinify mons while being an approved cloner zeroluxgiven PERMA BANNED
RaiRigzzz Rigz 4141-5061-5075 admitted to trading shinifyed Salazzle's in the room, kalalokki PERMA BANNED
MetalFlame Austin 3540-0460-5826 gave away a self-hacked pokemon and tried to do the same again on the following day before getting caught jinofthegale PERMA BANNED
fredw4 None Derf 3883-6216-4261 Shinifying and trading hacks koakuma PERMA BANNED
acab ballantines BallaN 0490-6359-1979 shinified an A-Marowak and attempted to trade it in the room jinofthegale
FlameFoxx NoneATM Kieron 4141-5191-1821 http// http// Trading a self-hacked Pokemon Koakuma PERMA BANNED
AquaAcuar Aqua 2853-0689-4563 admitting to genning pokes themselves and later trading them, kalalokki PERMA BANNED
HiTechFlufi Kino 1564-2143-9560 Two giveaway scams in a row; Both were claimed 5iv, but actually had virtually none and were from WT. Then offered hacking in PMs. lordmarcel PERMA BANNED
SamuraiBun Connor 4656-8159-9344 Offered unapproved cloning and scammed the dude off his Genesect, Kalalokki PERMA BANNED
Happinessu Happiness 3695-1166-3792 Admitted to hacking. Luke PERMA BANNED
MB atomzeus 5000-5365-3804 hacked in shitty keldeo and tried giving it away, JackHiggins PERMA BANNED
Calebism 4914-5764-6811 Admited to editing ivs of a mon. Espurr PERMA BANNED
Callum TheScrafty , coolscizor327, remixedsandygast, remixedreuniclus, pikachu88887, technokinesis ItzShaymin, Will XD 3583-1870-1129 BL'd for IV scam in 12/2015. Afterwards, reported someone else in 9/2017 and was found to have knowingly traded a hacked Auslove hat-chu. Multiple incidents with evasion. Skillett PERMA BANNED
libbyk00l Emil 4356-2963-2542 Impersonated an approved cloner, left shortly after taking users shiny BR mon Zero Lux Given PERMA BANNED
FelipeCR7 500 Fe 3282-2703-0297 Offering Shinyifying services sn0w PERMA BANNED
CaptinFalcon1402 Viru/Cheeto 4253-3912-3709 Trying to trade his 6IV Shiny Volcanion from his JPN Friend. Also admitted to editing its name. Skillett PERMA BANNED
ABsoluteNOthing 3351-5353-6323, Admitted to editing a camerupt from HP Grass to HP Ice Skillett PERMA BANNED
zakariaboujdid FlaMeZz 0232-7488-0227 genned and traded SpecsMegaBeedrill PERMA BANNED
Giveawayer Cameron 5043-3231-8575 Giveaway Scam, four winners all didn't get their prize, Animusi & Magic Bananas PERMA BANNED
Kimchi123 ilikethecolourblue, orangeislife Thivviy 2681-1659-7352 Promised 6IV Metagross, victim received a 1IV Steven Event metagross. / Blaziken was not Speed boost,,cDQIZZi,8SoIWMg,Yxyib97 Skillett/Hack Guy PERMA BANNED
Ghostar97 Star 2766-9645-2969 (See screenshot for detailed reason) Traded me what appeared to be shinified "self-breeds", Skillett PERMA BANNED
PreCiSixN Unknown Offering Shinification, Tuna PERMA BANNED
poro is urf Air 3110-6682-0652 Trading shinified "self breds",,kHdNRyA#0 Kalalokki PERMA BANNED
MegaFanAMG Ash 0387-8826-2196 Traded a hacked pokemon but done a trade back, AuzBat PERMA BANNED
Team MAC METZ Mac 0447-7792-6140 Shaky story, obvious power saved mon., Death God Anubis PERMA BANNED
Jlteentitan Robert 4313-0097-0623 Admitted to genning RTG PERMA BANNED
Pussywrecker123 KeepItGaaaay Amir 1736-3005-3330 invalid IVS for a BR suppose mon, Angela PERMA BANNED
Eliaquin Yoku 2294-3924-5597 The Parasect and the Grumpig turned out to have 0 maximum iv's in any stat. Scammed again 4/8/2015, lied about being a cloner to steal a shiny., Luke/Rosie PERMA BANNED
peeface 4528-0191-9960 Traded egg that he said was a shiny latios for Uxie, then said it was Phione. The egg was neither., Luke PERMA BANNED
Mopokemaniac Lfshiny6ivstarters Moe 2595-2711-9100 The ivs were wrong and refused to trade back. Scammed again 14/2/2015, Angela/Rosie PERMA BANNED
omegaknight12 VGC Boy112 omegaKnight 4785-5547-1500 Not an approved cloner,scammed. Same thing. 2/8/2015 RTG PERMA BANNED
redplanet2001 Joshua 3368-3813-0502,0XCjUxC,GPT3nzb,FP8twPg#0 Impersonated an approved cloner. Went offline when confronted and ignored PMs when they came back online. Cranham PERMA BANNED
dnites dnites 5472-7775-4747 Powersaver.Under watch by Axew Axew/Angela PERMA BANNED
dooddooddodododo 123321c, sooosososossoo, pewtwo123, coolzyboy, Chris toto Chris 5386-8631-1286 Gave him shiny 5iv noivern for his shiny 5iv delphox, Delphos only had 2IVs. Lied about being approved cloner, then hid on alts when confronted. 9/24/2014, Darnell/Briayan/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Leighton Fishh 5086-3177-0497, Cloner impersonator Angeela PERMA BANNED
Rivalists Tensional CuriousPichu Trevor 5000-3889-8534 power saver after chekcing 4 mons + one non shiny they didnt match his ID, Alt switcher, beware, Scammed a Pokemon, Angela/Cranham/Jayrodd PERMA BANNED
WeavileAce DreamCumTrue, scarflotad, sensory123 Jay 5000-3461-3598 Wrong HP. Not kb, pokegenned The Real Red/ snakeindagrass/ Anto PERMA BANNED
TheonlyZ Pikachu 4871-4986-3150 powersaver smelliott PERMA BANNED
Almendra Sensual 4854-6586-2617, Pretended to be an approved cloner, Scammed Cranham PERMA BANNED
lojak1234 jaykobpinson Jaykob 4768-7939-5396 Unapproved cloning. IV scam. Briayan PERMA BANNED
xxisaacxx xXTaffyXx Hi!Let'sTrade SmileyTaffy, NamesAreSoOverated isaac 4639-9402-7644 Offered unapproved cloning and scammed. Performed IV scam. smelliott/Briayan PERMA BANNED
JDynasty 4570-7960-2746 powersaver. smelliott PERMA BANNED
PJ_is_Epic TankTalonFlame, PJ is a beast, chickenmchunk PJ 4442-0407-8101 fake Cloner List to scam cloning. PERMABANNED DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM. Updated, scammed again. Rosie_The_Venusaur / Luke PERMA BANNED
Kerwin Kerwin 4441-9755-0930 powersaver. admitted to me when confronted. smelliott PERMA BANNED
glassie Rian 4356-1492-7259 offered shinifying services Shgeldz PERMA BANNED
DeathMaster27 Savage SLayer Jeff 4270-1218-7141 IV Scam, promised 5 IV missing attack, gave 5 IV missing special attack; stole a pokemon while touch trading, Cranham/Ciran PERMA BANNED
fdawggg Freddie 3625-9973-9645 Attempted Scam. Scammed again 9/13/2014, reccurent scammer, beware LiepardHater/Angela PERMA BANNED
LuffyG Yeraymanco 3368-3243-2091, Lied about IVs went offline straight after; recurrent scammer Cranham PERMA BANNED
Nenelan Happy Pokemon 2981-5568-1865 Lied about ivs, repeat scammer, NighthawkL06/pplzdude/Anto PERMA BANNED
JerisLeeson05 Jeris 2938-8914-6601 Potential power saver, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
Y marks the spot the jolly butcher Callum 2921-9748-0982,,DX7a9t4 Alcamite/slayerx725232 PERMA BANNED
vanillamilkshakes Jay 2921-9478-7901 powersaver smelliott PERMA BANNED
GackylGhaster chino morino Nolan 2852-8203-1334 no 31 IVs / Fake Cloner, Empoleon XV /Hairy Toenail /Anto PERMA BANNED
fuzzy_pokemon12 2809-8172-4081 Powersaver and scammer, powersaved the balls themself. Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
Louster46 Louis 2724-0399-5443 Unapproved genning, did it wrong. Anto PERMA BANNED
hi i am raz adamentmudkip, adament riolo, asfbbbuteodor, thebajancanedian, laaaaliiiiilooooo, shaysro Raz, Shay 2423-3486-6218, 4871-7605-6541 Gave wrong Ivs and details about the pokemon, was confronted and did not reply. VERY RECURRENT, Anto/smelliott/Briayan/Hairy Toenail PERMA BANNED
xNeeKO_VamPx 2294-4206-0967 Impersonated an approved cloner and scammed joethemaster PERMA BANNED
vgcatzftw LittleTree2, thelasttrekkie Emerald 2208-7257-2419 Didn't give the pokemon. Also scammed on 12/6/2014. Wrong ivs, went offline when confronted., AuzBat / Nebuchadnezzar PERMA BANNED
geraldsmile tradeandbattlevgc 1993-7017-7433 hacked pokemon Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
gammer74763 hetgger, Hiu, oppki, the masta tj, th masts tj Tim 1950-9241-1867 Tried to mute and ban evade but failed. / wrong ivs, genner, powersaver Alcamite/ Anto/Briayan PERMA BANNED
Champ_Umbreon LatiasDaBeast Porygon 1848-2450-0621 almost a trick + Powersaver Briayan PERMA BANNED
Yellowactor12 SpecialActor4 Frontierbrainer14, GymLeaderAlexice Alexis 1822-0327-7799 Multiple scams carried out including trading AusLove pokemon. slayerx725232/Anto PERMA BANNED
freecandyman Junii19618 juni 1805-2258-4005 scammer. Updated, scammed again. Alcamite PERMA BANNED
TomoMaractus Connor 1633-5555-1329 powersaver smelliott PERMA BANNED
teamrocketjack jack3145, L. Gatsby 1435-5859-1215 scotteh is cute SCANTTOEh. Also Scammed Twice. Scammed again 14/2/2015,,oB9lQr9#1 Anto/Angela/Rosie PERMA BANNED
ChickenMCHunk 1263-7185-7948 Powersaver/ Genner, intended to trade several hacked pokemon. Denied that the were his. Attempted to change his shop. Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
awnnn asdfg124, asdfg124, Dimitris008, RealFab, Pikapika2453, peos prasino, FeelinNumb dimitris 1177-8049-2451 Lied about the HP on Keldeo, meant to be HP Flying, got HP Ghost. Updated. Scammed again 8/30/2014 Updated again Another scam, 10/20/2014, Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
bellydrummer :D CharizardGoesMega, Goodrastical, DarkGoodra Ryan, Ryantino 0490-4880-6363 Traded a 6iv Shiny Starmie and was only 1iv. other scams under alts.,,,, Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
moglog luke 0447-5650-4921 offering shinifying services smelliot PERMA BANNED
SnorlaxTheHuman ABagOfGhostPeppers Youssef 0275-9429-4585 Powersaver, offering 6iv fancy vivillon with his OT. only OT possible is GTS. smelliott PERMA BANNED
MegaAshtonX frizzyash frizze 0104-1100-6627 Lying about ivs / gave the pokemon with the wrong HP, then he insulted me. R00d,,8vxwsoC,BoNAOGe,U35d9RP,SgJPD5C,ondeHYb,VHfhjZN,xZGLkmV,GYmHjr7 NighthawkL06/Anto PERMA BANNED
DeItarushXBL 0104-0380-3559 Impersonated a cloner. Cranham PERMA BANNED
Kool27 Lauren 4399-0998-3056 Powersaver. smelliott PERMA BANNED
DropDracoMD Nikolas 4527-8813-2806, Offered unapproved cloning, proceeded to scam the user of shiny BR Genesect and shiny BR Bisharp Kangaaroo PERMA BANNED
Dani002 Glitch02, Zeus02, Uearth, caos02 Dany 2895-8680-6461 Lied about EVs and IVs of Noivern he traded in 2015 ( In 2018, traded a hacked WT Volcanion to another user. Swapped username when confronted, then told the user they were not going to trade back and accepted a permanent BL from the room. Kangaaroo PERMA BANNED
ivbreeder, motheranuses, theuglychikorita jackson, imurdaddy 2466-3941-6616 Lied about ivs on a genesect, later scammed in a 3 for 6 trade; went offline again. Mocked the person they scammed afterwards.,,,,, Hadak Ura, ciran PERMA BANNED
Clefabulosity FakBoi 4442-0195-7191 Approved cloner who was caught trading self hacked Pokemon to users, ZLG PERMA BANNED
Xerus11 3153-5017-3800 offering hacked pokemon, scamming. screenshot from last offense, Ethereal Dusk PERMA BANNED
ash12367 DankestMemesNA Ash , Sangrita 4442-2591-9229 impersonated person with the same name from another website to trade a Sylveon and lied about the event. Refused to trade back. Sondero PERMA BANNED
Versuz 5327-1171-4626 Offering IV modifying with approved cloning. , PERMA BANNED
ascales795 Foolish Ninja Adrian 2595-2189-8360 Trading hacks, got a pokemon he traded a hack for cloned after he found out the owner wanted it back, modified it, stalled a trade back, lied about the legitimacy of a 6iv raikou sn0w/jack PERMA BANNED
taytrellz Tay 0817-5078-1985 Trading hacks, lied about how they obtained two pokemon with the same TID/SID but both were hacked, sn0w/smb PERMA BANNED
SpicyMixtape Tyler 4141-5994-4666 Knowingly trading hacks, lied about where he got the poke then later told me it was hacked, sn0w/kala/jack PERMA BANNED
JuanSlash John 3196-7123-6702 Trading badly self-hacked things; Implying the IVs were flawless when they weren't, Jk♥Howling / ih8ih8sn0w PERMA BANNED
RibbonsTheEevee SpiritTheUmbreon,SpiritTheUmbreon1 Ribbons 4828-4742-9635 Attempted to trade me a "self SR'd" pokemon with a different OT, addmited it wasn't thiers, THEN tried to trade me a "6iv self SR'd Kyogre", It was 3iv. Scammed a second time to be permabanned, Hadak Ura/Lord Marcel PERMA BANNED
YinYangYoyo Fragle 0860-4157-3866 offered unapproved ev training, went offline after some time, lied to me about the situation in PMs, sn0w PERMA BANNED
Miamiswag305 Dominiking1999 Buhda, King 0748-5967-1208 Scammed a BR Shiny Aegislash with a 1 IV HP Poison (meant to be HP Fire) Serp, tried to trade trophy shiny Docile Gyarados which was meant to be 5 IV - SpA Adamant. ZLG / Hack Jiggins PERMA BANNED
Raftel Xaby 1907-9375-4903 Traded 5iv -atk Aron that was 2iv. Multiple attempts to scam on unregged accounts Fluze, Sondero PERMA BANNED
almesbah93 Ali 1134-9529-3851 Admited to hacking.,,, Vidar/sn0w PERMA BANNED
TheTacoMan Superbr0, LOSt DOGE, Omega Groundon, Omega Groudon, RFB,Br0seph Brett 0748-3054-3110 Recurrent scammer,, TheBlackChampion/ Anto /Angela/ Spydreigon/Briayan PERMA BANNED
Tiarraa Altaii Tiarra 1934-0761-8226 Trading out hacks claimed as self-bred, JkHowling / Kalalokki PERMA BANNED
TheFancyWeedle Patrick 4296-3260-8528 Tried to giveaway a hacked Coablion which wouldnt trade Luke PERMA BANNED
dfgdfgd kjhhjhjhkj, kjnkjnkj, Papa Rudy, Djay Khaled JayZee 3110-8006-8979 Lied about ivs/nature, terrible trolling. Lied to a user about being able to clone. Lied to a user about egg moves Espurr/MrPapaJohn/Gardellade/Hadak Ura PERMA BANNED
SirJuan ViciousPineapple Samin 5386-9988-3786 IV Scam, went offline after. Did it again 01/01/2016, sn0w / Luke PERMA BANNED
paulpascucci1234 1049-0979-5261 Tried to do a giveaway of a hacked 2IV shiny Pokemon claimed to be selfbred and 5IV.,, lack of relearnable egg moves Sondero PERMA BANNED
1Snore Relax Snore Relax James, Ash 1650-4562-9558 Multiple scams. Also showed isubordination by asking multiple staff to host a giveaway for him even though he was told he was banned from hosting., Lord Marcel/TheRazer456/Skillett PERMA BANNED
Ashkar Oly 5215-2334-0394 Admitting to editing IVs and Trading mons, Drayen PERMA BANNED
harrison101 Elextric Monster, loganpie01 Harrison 3625-9581-3113 Lied about authenticity of Kalos Born-ness, proceeded to change alts after trading to hide. 12/24/2015 denied cloners test then knowingly offers unapproved cloning., Luke PERMA BANNED
Azza ThaBlackStar, TheChampRed, azza2000, Azzy2000, arvdk21122000 Aaron 1220-7510-8628, 1220-7192-3248 Admitted scamming to me, blamed other trader. Multiple scams using different alts. Anto/Jayteele/UU/Daelax/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Wayvrnn The One Mewtwo / Wayvrnn1234 Drew 3755-0257-8562 Offered a Tornadus with wrong nature. Went offline. Repeated scam with wrong Nature on Mesprit, wrong IVs and HP on a Thundurus Luke/Drayen/ZLG PERMA BANNED
Slothrider TheOnlyNexus Cyrus 2638-0408-5781 Wrong IVs, left. Did it once more to a different user, Luke/Sondero PERMA BANNED
Infernips01 ChamponDanny/ChampomDanny Tyriq 0533-7914-3844 Cloning scam, offering hacking services. Scammed again, impersonated an approved cloner, made off with a Lando-T, Rosie_The_Venusaur/ZLG PERMA BANNED
Link1543 Nolan 4313-1596-2718 Offering to hack and admitted to hacking, Lord Marcel PERMA BANNED
LuckyLucyT BunnyLopunny, ei3oweqoe, Geomancy-X, 0km8, LazyKakuna, DankiestDankrai, fatmankey jay, jadyn 0834-0904-5808 10:1 Trade scam. Went offline afterwards. Scammed a guy and then proceeded to taunt on alts. Multiple scams., MrPapaJohn/sn0w/ciran PERMA BANNED
BlackLucario9000 3411-0460-4784 2 for 1 scam/gts giveaway of hacked pokemon they claimed as self bred, Rosie_The_Venusaur/sn0w PERMA BANNED
Gyaratoast Julie 4528-0560-3443 Genning and trading Luke PERMA BANNED
lolimafatty Emilia 0748-5002-9828 Modifying IVs of his pokes and giving them the same OT and TID regardless of game , Kalalokki PERMA BANNED
dos-wings-doe Flare-The-Dragon Konnor 4227-0941-6240 Invalid IVs on shiny bulbasaur/ Trading Hacked Shiny Fennekin,,4uvbog6,8f2RReJ Tried to appeal but claimed it was their brother, pretended to commit suicide. Cranham/Drayen PERMA BANNED
Sylveon007 3067-7785-8709 Gave away hacked "self breeds", just pm me, the poke will also be listed on the hacked pokemon list sn0w PERMA BANNED
Braviaryisdeath Jcydjcih, imherenowyo) BLUE/Chun li 0404-6614-9193 Lied about IVs, admitted in PMs, Lol'd it off,,1ndu2Mf,qbLBzup,oVEeAQV,mOZjC7c,6jo6yJ2,unTB4lC,DlfxmW3,6wo6kM0,UMM9ag0,nM8msW7,2o9KUaX,vAYjGjN#0 RTG/Drayen PERMA BANNED
ThePuppysays12 Wonderlocke 4656-7603-0846 Trade evolution scam, guy took mons and ran.When asked about it by staff, went offline with no pms back. offered unapproved cloning, Espurr/DGA/sn0w PERMA BANNED
rog9001 Poke Mania© 0318-8964-2713 Lied during a cloner test, used PK HeX to modify a pokemon, made an untradeable pokemon. Also he stole my master ball., Ciran PERMA BANNED
bestpain17 Kazane201, lightmeritz Mei 1650-3276-6788 IV Scammerino., LiepardHater/RTG PERMA BANNED
ryyjyyywyy 4227-4492-9434 Impersonated an approved cloner, left after being called out. Also scammed someone about 2 weeks later, sn0w/Lord Marcel PERMA BANNED
TheSlowBlazeiken TheSlowBlaziken droctogaa 3669-0305-2650 Stole a pokemon, pretended to be an approved cloner. Scammed again 8/19/2015, / Ciran / Luke/ Rosie PERMA BANNED
DragonMasterCody 2337-4289-4371 Changes rotom's pokeball to a dusk ball, Lord Marcel / Luke PERMA BANNED
Timelord Charizard Trisan 1306-8588-8352 Gave away 6IV Hoopa he used PS to inject., Skillett PERMA BANNED
Torpedus niam 4356-0585-3923 Wager Scam. Offering Genning, Rosie_The_VenusaurSkillett PERMA BANNED
WilllSkyrim coolpikapika, DDDDDDuel 3754-9860-8682 Impersonating an Approved cloner, Skillett/RTG PERMA BANNED
Psyccch Micality Micality 3840-6332-4495 Offering hacking service, Luke PERMA BANNED
Corey is Awesome Corey Andrew hart May 1220-8828-8379 Lied about IVs - Cran Multiple times - Skillett,,fANAK2j#0 Cranham/Skillett PERMA BANNED
PerfectMachine- Yanmaaa! SASUKE 1418-6792-8201 1) Stole mons 2) Offering every shiny even asked "What ability do you want, I have every pokemon shiny 6IV" hardcore power saver. Not to mention PM spam., Skillett PERMA BANNED
no name128 ant 3626-1510-8884 IV scam + Saying he will just wait a week and do it again after the restart., Skillett PERMA BANNED
aprov gbilo beartica Alex 2809-8623-1509 pretended to be an approved cloner. Lied about IVs went offline after. Evasion. Multiple scams. Traded a hacked rotom as beartica Death God Anubis/Hack Guy/Ciran PERMA BANNED
EverydayISpinarak Isidro 2595-1230-4034 Hacked a Hoopa, as in evidence. Was pretty clever about that too., Golui & Cranham PERMA BANNED
Expressway Ben 1736-1652-8364 Genning pokes, it's all in the screenshot, Magic Bananas PERMA BANNED
gandora86 gandora100 1306-6465-1421 TIDs didn't match, shinified. His TIDs are 39563 (x) and 40402 (OR). Skillett PERMA BANNED
Tomatotamato TheBroGuydude, Ramon cano, Gduhc, Mega toonlink, TheDude213 ramon 2896-0009-8003 Did not give promised Raikou, went offline/Scammed again 13/07/15 and 17/7/15 Kangaaroo/Skillett PERMA BANNED
Legend Lugia Sohan 2836-0132-3991 Approved for cloning and admitted to hacking a giveaway prize straight after., Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
Menstwr Black 4871-4719-6178 Genned a mon he 'bred', couldn't relearn Egg Moves when taught TMs., DGA/Cranham PERMA BANNED
KhaosInfinity BlazeVGC302 Explo1t 1092-1059-2756 Stole pokemon, later traded hacks, evading bans/permbans, Golui/RTG PERMA BANNED
Sharpedoite Mitchell 4527-8565-8386 Changed the values of a pokemon while cloning, Skillett PERMA BANNED
marvelous12 Colton 3823-9734-2380 Traded shinified pokemon along with another pokemon generated in his game. TIDs don't match. Skillett PERMA BANNED
pokemon master jk mathew 3969-5986-6513 Said it was 5IV Adamant wasnt and then another scam, Luke and Kala PERMA BANNED
Pokemon XandWHYÂ AyeItsAustin 2509-2535-6291 Cloning Scam. Another cloning scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur/Lord Marcel PERMA BANNED
Fur Coat Furret treeckotim, glacierstar65, mistreslopunny, marleeyy, thedogdrowner 1091-9832-7844 Lied about Ivs, Evading, Admitting, impostering an approved cloner.. PART 2. Impersonated Glacierstar56 approved cloner and scammed yet again.,,1IcWyQE,9TyPvbq,40Gh9dM#3 RTG/AuzBat/Rosie/Sipanale PERMA BANNED
khister016 Malachi 1263-6520-7542 Cloner offering to psave mons. Resident That Guy PERMA BANNED
MadMageKefka Brian 2106-0031-3918 Approved Cloner who Kept discussing hacking in chat, pretty much saying he wanted to trade, being awful in PMs to RTG, admitting to hacking,among other things, Resident That Guy PERMA BANNED
SneakySquirtle Jeffythepokeslayer SneakySquirtl 2380-5746-6857 Lied about IVs on a giveaway, obvious power save from himself, Terrible troll. Evading and trying to host a giveaway on an alt,,TrmPp9Y,lXiDleA Death God Anubis/Ciran PERMA BANNED
Rose the Raichu Mia 2809-7547-3228 Lying about the origins of an event Arceus, admitted to powersaving it, Arceus had no JPN tag and an English name.,,, Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
Pokesri1234 kingthekingdra, blakeisablastoise, hey poke Sriram 0920-2322-2763 Lied about Ivs; declined giveaway due to being on scammer list. Went on an alt and asked another staff member to host it. Evaded twice., AuzBat/Ciran PERMA BANNED
Projo Projo 4270-2378-6193 Hacking/injecting pokemon, mon had no residency data until traded Luke PERMA BANNED
Le Saux Swag 2294-5720-9166 Hacking a hoopa that was mass given away to to HP ground and naive (used to be calm and 3ivs) Cranham/Skillett PERMA BANNED
Talonswag Seerat 1435-5371-7439 Hacking/injecting pokemon, Cranham/Golui/Luke PERMA BANNED
zephyros235 Kerra Petra 3711-8650-6659 Hacking/injecting pokemon, Ciran/Cranham PERMA BANNED
xXJDOG8267xX 0361-7547-3228 Obvious PK hex.,,OcG5g2j,1Te9x8g,KabODa4,gFeoNcO#2,i0v7JlJ,pTfnoNK,VimRGZb,HUOfoUn,jNU49uv#5 Death God Anubis/ Rosiethevenusaur PERMA BANNED
azielceballos Aziel 4184-2494-5161 Scammer, scammed multiple times Alcamite/DeathGodAnubis/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Flat Earth Ben 4485-0525-4255 Offering genning/injecting of pokemon, Cranham PERMA BANNED
DAngIe69 1908-0878-2052 Cloner Impersonator, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
lookinoleboi querty r0x mike 4914-5736-0043 Lied about IV's on a cottonee, went offline after. Impostered a cloner. 1/26/2015, theWhiteRaven/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Chewiest Lemon Slayer1029384756 Mr.Lemon 3196-4670-4903 Cloner who stole pokemon/scammed multiple times,,,2wks6LM Angela/RTG/Rosie/Cranham PERMA BANNED
m4rk0p M 0447-7725-0830 Powersaving,,JemWYPI#1 Angela PERMA BANNED
Aleksi 4957-5408-1649 Approved cloner offering powersave services in chat (shinifying) Cranham/Resident That Guy PERMA BANNED
gameneverstops2kL4 kokiri21, Kevin 3480-2539-7145 Impersonated an Approved Cloner using a lowercase L disguised as a 1. Stole multiple pokemon., Trickster PERMA BANNED
Rainbow Shaymin Shaymin 2938-7993-1384 power saver, Angela PERMA BANNED
Jjc123Crump Jordan 5000-4215-6964 Scammed #Cranham in a cloners test, terrible user in wifi and in general/Evaded his ban, Cranham PERMA BANNED
Xarniax Xarniax 2294-4937-8237 power saver, Trickster/Angela PERMA BANNED
alitonus zaragozanzigzagoon alex 3909-8493-8136 power saver, theWhiteRaven PERMA BANNED
Lewwwys Lewys 0387-9493-5944 Was an approved cloner, took a person's pokemon and has been offline since he took it for cloning, never seen again. Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
TheNoobCollector Mark 5300-9710-9182 Traded a power saved Celebrate Sylveon with the wrong TID, admitted to powersaving including planning to make and trade a Rayquaza, Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
KingDangoz Nate 2552-2908-5155 self-obtained Cresselia had no memories at all, Angela PERMA BANNED
vianickk 2122-6912-6529 Powersaving,,fTopV3F#1 Trickster PERMA BANNED
Dragon7amer Dragon 5386-9976-5729 powersaving: legit scammed a user., Angela PERMA BANNED
cjcash10 3497-2666-5020 Obvious power save by himself/trolling,, Death God Anubis/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Giga Pokeball Megobroisstupid, Star Rampardos, Jenova D, a51394NGApokemon, ShinyClonesActive, FreindlyFrwed, momo2o2, Pokemanbattler Bradley, Jenova 0791-3737-0918 Cloning Scam (2 Times). Updated: 11/11/2014, Was claming to be an approved cloner, confronted and went offline. Lying about being approved again, scammed 2 people at once, same thing again 1/17/2015 and impersonated an approved cloner. Impersonated an approved cloner and stole pokemon (11/5/2015). Rosie_The_Venusaur, Alca, Briayan, Ciran PERMA BANNED
pokemonharun06 Persuation06, NappyNationBruh, SRF4, GodTeeHee, Santa996, Hisaaane, HEJWW, heijw, ineed helpyohelp, POKEMONINPOCKET, mlgflappybird, MEGA VIGAROTH, POKETASTIC21, LadyAlam21 Anthony, LISSNNE 5258-0570-9392, 1521-5926-5937 Recurrent Scammer, impersonation of Alcamite (rofl). Absolutely do not trade with this FC. Scammed again, new FC 1521-5926-5937 4/10/2015,gXC6vwj#0 AuzBat/theWhiteRaven/Rosie PERMA BANNED
hihi1346 Wyayo 1478-5783-9179 Scamming more than one person in a short period, Briayan PERMA BANNED
kronusNaruto 4570-8033-8834 Was approved cloner, stole ~6 pokemon and left the wifi room, was in Tours room and wouldn't respond to PMs, (Confirmed Legitamate, but the screenshots were like 10 different links) Resident That Guy PERMA BANNED
TrainerChaos MagicBounce_Espeon, Mega-Latios_Swag, Modest_Diggersby, MokemonMaster X 0559-7379-9485 Said they had a 6iv Ditto but when traded it only had 2 perfect IVs. Updated. Scammed again. Scammed for the 3rd time, Rosie_The_Venusaur/Anto/Lord Marcel/RTG PERMA BANNED
elih11 4811-7370-8175 Unapproved Cloner stealin' Pokemon, when confronted bailed and "user not found", so hit and run scamming essentially., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
DemolshinInCustom TakingEveryoneOn, OwningAllCustom 1864-9236-1076 Tried to frame a user, scammed several wager battles as well., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Kye99 pika34 Kyrell 0920-1015-0649 Lied about ivs, went offline. Done again. Falsely accusing of being scammed, Cranham/LiepardHater/ Briayan PERMA BANNED
deathlypirate mindfreakzpt, krokodrina, Comerciantz, Kilolas, Afrobadjoras (be careful alt switcher) drawk 5472-6091-5492 Multiple scams. Multiple for 1 scam and IV scam. Karpz★/Anto PERMA BANNED
TazzB Brett 5429-8990-7831 Altering Pokeballs knowing this is were banned. When confronted, mocked staff member. LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Tupio Sylvio 5172-1056-6464 Was an approved cloner that decided to steal all the Pokemon... -,LKbSAce,Kxrt28j,RL4aeGh,NXJXscF,cz08DW6#2,,2NZwq7U Jimmy/ The Immortal PERMA BANNED
G DRAGONITE :O YanZhao 5086-2129-8087 Traded self powersaved pokemon and admitted to powersaving them in pms. , Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
6era ShinyMegaMissingNo 6era 5043-2604-5518 POWERSAVER, Cranham PERMA BANNED
dudeBeCool Alex 5000-2334-2696 Caught using PokeEdit, LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Hchal98 harrison, adriansepic 4914-4270-1119 IV scammed, lied when confronted. 2/21/2015 impersonated and approved cloner, Trickster/Alcamite PERMA BANNED
SBO Satoshi Satoshi 4785-7287-2384 Injected and traded a QR code Lilligant., Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
GhostDj1 4742-6518-4153 Hacker -, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
TouchMahBody blackholebabes 4656-6774-6965 offering power saves, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
Lord ZLP Lord Z 4640-0133-9060 Long time reg who got caught using Poke gen and Power saves.,,GeWLEUz,fOPtQGS,DHwy2p2,QTjGfAe,TiFpTrb#0 LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
kirtdraney Death 4484-9342-2144 Powersaver - Discussed with Jumpfight5 in PMS, all pokemon given away were in his OT + powersaved by him, Cranham PERMA BANNED
NexGenHatred 4382-2367-7164 trading powersaved pokemon, LOL IS NOW A DRIVER ON PB Anto PERMA BANNED
wabbitzsuk yejustgotgooleddik, ShadyGlenn Glenn 4313-2210-6066 Lied about IVs, all that good old stuff. Scammed again 9/15/2014.,,, Slayer/LiepardHater/smelliott PERMA BANNED
Supervegitoss4 bluepanter 4312-9722-7346 Powersaver - powersaved the pokemon - lied about it, Cranham, smelliott PERMA BANNED
ferenc lebron_GOING_HOME itay 4296-3710-6721 Powersaver. two shinys under his OT with different id's traded to me. smelliott PERMA BANNED
Splintey Sanguinoe, robotzombibe4st, KiddyPool, thisisannoying, TraderJoe, Am Kilua, jiro uchicha, HangUpThemKicks, earthquakez, Omnicently, Techniqiuzer, lucsious lobster,Pentarox, Fredde, Spindapls (Showdown), DoucheBaggey; Don, Dom 4141-3179-0133, admitted they scammed at least 8 people Yolomar/Jimmy/Darnell/Wuzat/Jayrodd/NighthawkL06/Anto/pplzdude PERMA BANNED
metball2 Hero 3196-4719-3130 Clone Scam while approved, Animusi/Rosie PERMA BANNED
LittleAmaterasu Shiny Trader 3883-5593-9273 Psave Liar, Tried to undermine staff, was globally banned. Shgeldz PERMA BANNED
MysteryGiraffe Gianni 3583-0081-7333 Powersaver Anto PERMA BANNED
Killermawile 3583-0008-7831 Powersaver,,8cvxHzc,phXBkCm#0 Cranham PERMA BANNED
YumeNoSekai yumeneosaky Yume 3582-9824-6012 Powersaver, Lied about TIDS, All users self bred pokemon are powersaved shinies,,WuBOJ0J,uuuiEBk Cranham PERMA BANNED
Cyberstromz Cyber 3497-2480-2961 Approved cloner, decided to steal pokemon., Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
iGotUrPist0la 3497-0590-8360 Offering hacked and unreleased pokemon, confirmed he uses cyber saves, theWhiteRaven PERMA BANNED
All of That 3411-1843-8634 Powersaver. Told several times that they were banned but still offered them anyways. Offered Shinfying to several users (Including me while I was luring him on an alt), LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
FruitPunch2002 BelonyCheese, Hbnbbbb, Dimsdd Jerry 3411-1131-4811, 3412-4856-6589 Recurrent Scammer,, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
LoLNoob96 Trixie 3368-3564-7881 The Giveaway Sylveon was injected , Alcamite PERMA BANNED
josi TyeBlackAssasian, TheBlackAssassin , joseph 3325-3105-7928 IV scam, gave fake scammers list with his name removed, Framed a user by using alts and giving someone elses friendcode to get them on the scammers list, Rosie_The_Venusaur PERMA BANNED
Stormer Ne0 3222-6218-3092 Trading Shinified Pokemon, Luke/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
bigbootyhose Iris 3136-7919-8651 Unapproved Cloner *yawns* Update 12/10/2014: Fake Cloner's List, LiepardHater/Alcamite PERMA BANNED
xkmankidx kman 3110-3951-3554 Powersaved mons. Anto PERMA BANNED
Greninja-N7 Kavar, Ace-Ghost-N7, Lawliet-N7 Kavar 2981-7904-3132 Lied about ivs, promised 2:1 trade too. Scammed again very soon after. 9/29/2014, Scammed again, and again, Cranham/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
austinbuwa420 2895-7683-8530 Powersaver, LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Hulkacross Quirky Quetzel, heracross77, MegaEevee7778 Bryan 2879-0519-5916 Scammed Multiple people, hiding on alts, done several times., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
VeteranEmerald UnknownLegends Jack 2766-9798-2154 gave a poor IV Weavile that did not have Ice Shard, Fake Out and Ice Punch . Liar// scammed twice in a row / recurrent scammer, Angela/Anto PERMA BANNED
Noctowlm lfft, mollipollydog Marcello 2681-1333-5712 Lied about Ivs on kyurem, was 1iv instead of proposed 6iv. Attempted to scam again 12/06/2014, Scammed again, impersonated an approved cloner,,7ZxqmM9#1 Cranham/theWhiteRaven/Rosie PERMA BANNED
CoreBabe Kodlak Michael 2681-1125-2410 Confronted about scamming provided a fake FC,and went offline. done multiple times. Scammed again., Briayan/Angela/smelliott/Rosie PERMA BANNED
AtomicDeath01 Swool4Dayzzz, Swool2day, pokemwn131, Poke4Dayzzz, ILovePokemon101, Atomicg, OuIsTheBeast, Swoilder AtomicSwole 2509-1191-9455 See what happened thistime was he decided to traade with the guy who was an unpproed ev trainer, Made excuses didnt give Latios back, scammed yet again on 7/31 on a 2/1 trade,iupQ4A0,D2CeiVL,Y8GR1jh,I8cwTM9#4,, Angela/Anto/Briayan/Rosie/LiepardHater/Rosie PERMA BANNED
RealTopPercentage Dfftr, Fjeofnej, 420 Blastoise, SwaggyPsnts, JUGGARNAUGHT, ImfamousHero, beefydie, awwwhomie Chen 2466-2203-5891 Wifi cloning, failed, after recieving poke,ran, Came back later, said he dc'd they tried it again poke cloned etc / took more than 20 minutes to clone, never came back, Karpz★ / Anto / Epicpikachu63 / Lord Marcel / smelliott PERMA BANNED
JJ :D :D LF: Shiny Shuckle JJ 2406-5377-3861 Reoccuring scammer,mRR04pL#1,, Cranham/Briayan/Rosie PERMA BANNED
ZeroyalEpicness YouThinkImGood SWAG 2363-5890-8829 Scammed multiple users before banned,switched alts , Briayan PERMA BANNED
SWAGNOG Nate 2337-5403-3151 Trading hacked event pokemon & scammed once, Anto/Angela PERMA BANNED
Artificial Deitey DruddigonRage, DragonGroundon9 Devon, Chris 2337-4661-1065, 2294-4206-0967 Did it Twice already, Beware T: , Hairy Toenail/Angela PERMA BANNED
ottna Ferboot, Crocoduck, Super BOTTT, magicrap102, Sceptile Mega Pro, mnbhcfchnmc, lego mom, Supah Stone Christian 2234-8480-0850 Fake Cloner. previously banned for scam, Briayan/Lord Marcel/Nebuchadnezzar/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
GodKeyshon mixdgod 2208-7196-3114 Trading unreleased powersaved pokemon (Volcanion) 2/19/2015, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
BerlingSwe Whatsup Cranham, AsumaNivada, CloneHeroPhenom, ImNotBerlingSwe, legusswe, kenusswe, MegaDeoxysX, Berling1698, snitchisbitch, NewBerlingSwe Berling 2148-8163-6636, 4485-0756-9598 Impersonated an approved cloner, (Impersonated DaeTheknight) Discussed with the user who got scammed in pms) Harassed staff, continues to be terrible. Giveaway scammed., Cranham/Rosie/Tunaface/Ciran PERMA BANNED
scott cyclops danishcookies, gkgkjguuj, hjggik, heyffa, hjklyhu, hello facebook, hdhfddhf, ryboss64, hldfjfgd, uhip, dryychgty, hhvfi Omair Daniyal 2165-6457-5632 approved cloner that decided to scam // he gave back the pokemon, but he cannot be added to the cloners list so far.,nhUa9hz,nhUa9hz#1 Scammed again. Said they were an approved cloner to try to scam again. Scammed a Jirachi. 2/20/2015, Scammed again 3/7/2015, Tried to scam another user 4/4/2015 Anto/Briayan/ Angela/Therazer456/Rosie/Ciran PERMA BANNED
EvilGLadiator MajinVector Kei 2063-0136-5163 Powersaver. Check his shop, LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
iChozen ichozen2 pokahontas, ANTRAS VARVATOS 2036-8837-5536 Trading Hacks, Offered to Shinify, Giveaway Fraud,,KukSCTp,9AwH8kk Alcamite/RTG PERMA BANNED
smeliot iAce44, FT:6IVDitto , â™›Gym Leader AcedU, Master Jelal, Danthemanswag OMGGGGGHI, Matey, InfinityX00 Ace 2036-8165-9880 Lied About ivs , Impersonation of smelliott, Being an ass to multiple staff Impersonator of watericekiller, stealing pokemon. NighthawkL06/pplzdude/Karpz/Angela/Anto/TRR/Rosie PERMA BANNED
FappyNappy smogon manager, Gg990xxx, Gmodkilla8932, ShinyHunter666, darknessgamer01, Miarin9@1, sin carx Lovey 1950-9779-8922 CONSTANTLY DOES CLONING SCAMS! WATCH OUT!, Hairy Toenail/Karpz/Briayan/Anto/Jayrodd/Alcamite/LiepardHater/snakeindagrass/Espurr/ Luke PERMA BANNED
chuxel Sunfried, gastrocs Winnie 1950-8838-0299 Offering hacking, LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Mangert mangert 1822-2067-7716 Lied about IVs, went offline. Scammed another user 1/17/2015 Cloning scam and ran with mons.,,n3TvRk3,nHcCNdh,bm0euA0,dykn5UV,O0z5FE2,aNgrG6B#6 Resident That Guy/Rosie PERMA BANNED
swaaggx3 mattman17O1, Ninjakilzz, Zoyali, oksal, asiras, lrioulio Tej, phatomsin7290 Harpal 1719-3650-1703 Cloner impersonation, IV scams, alt switching, stealing pokemon., RTG/Angela/LiepardHater/Trickster PERMA BANNED
Blazeshadowthorn Blitz 1693-2517-1525 Powersaved shiny pentagon legends/modified IVS and traded lots of them. Cranham/Spydreigon PERMA BANNED
CursedShadows 1650-3564-6033 Powersaver, Trickster PERMA BANNED
Remade Pro Remade Pro 1607-3122-9135 Admitted to Genning and Attempting to scam someone., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
divine lies chase 1607-2893-3901 Powersaver, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
Zack_The_person Team of Pseudo ZZ123 1607-1835-2460 trading powersaved pokemon. Updated., Anto PERMA BANNED
Dhinoo2 Neo517, kawaaii desu desu, Dhinoo 1564-4795-5097 stole a pokemon. Same thing again 2/11/2015 2/21/2015 - giveaway fraud, 05/02/15 faked scam reports ,,bRiBv5y,g5TMrkG#2 Cran/Rosie/Alca/Luke PERMA BANNED
nannygoat, o7650 flashcatmrflashcat, DragonMasterF0x, bu1ba 142857 mikun 1478-4564-2612 Recurrent scammer, do not trade with this FC. Impersonated an approved cloner, 4/16/2015. Scammed again 3/13/2016 under an alt., Rosie_The_Venusaur / theWhiteRaven PERMA BANNED
MekhiDaMasta Mekhi 1478-3122-0448 Powersaver - Traded me a shinifed Gastly,,kUL6VBS,RSy86IZ,vNiVlc2,3Fn3MAs,fyCYMWz Alcamite PERMA BANNED
L xy L 1435-3902-6464 Powersaver - I checked the pokemon, they all had different TIDs came from the OT, Cranham PERMA BANNED
TDI1 , , Jacob Silberman, JarusPokemon Jake 1392-6886-0396 An approved cloner who decided to steal pokemon Cranham PERMA BANNED
Gstar3542 1306-5374-8574 Powersaving , Briayan PERMA BANNED
blackoutsupreme blackout 1993-9058-6761 Offering a hacked shiny zapdos in a moon ball (pentagon), Lied about it, Cranham PERMA BANNED
SirlittlePVP 1091-8650-2734 Injected hacked pokemon and tried to trade them (trade locked) Cranham PERMA BANNED
SgarMomma SelectLily, anak4569 ChessLagoon ruffhuge Navanth 1246-8995-7029 Fake cloners list, did it again 8/2/2014,,Lf2T786,kXwPGEv,6oMQmR2,C44Y1Q6,yR52Ces#0 Anto/Nix Hex/Anto PERMA BANNED
Gym Leader Irish Shifty Turtle 1220-7594-2992 Scammed over 60 pokemon from TWO users. Pretended to be a cloner, Angela PERMA BANNED
FaithB FajitaMojita, The Pr4phet, Pr4phet Tyrone 1177-8753-8724 Scammed multiple people in a short amount of time before hiding on alts., Jk Howling/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
swaggiewatermelon 1091-9390-2575 Powersaver, Lied about it., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Ssupermario92 Mario 0963-0270-3254 POWERSAVER, Cranham PERMA BANNED
pokemanHD MegaSalamenceXD Anthony, Harry 0920-1436-4696,4699-7298-8927 Recurrent scammer using multiple FC's, theWhiteRaven PERMA BANNED
Beta Choose Name Hunter 0920-1785-2807 Genned Pokemon 300+ and claimed to be shiny self breeds, all madd hacks, (swirlix - invalid relearn moves), Cranham/Skillett PERMA BANNED
Khan1999 Swaggeyboy DragalgeFTW swagmaster2525 Broskalis, Shadypppp, zain1234, GammaToGo, efvadfadfvs, swagtwo, swag789 0877-2206-0627 CONSTANT RECURRENT SCAMMER BEWARE He is NOT an Approved Cloner, Angela/Briayan/Cranham/Luke PERMA BANNED
Gangalicious SwaggyFizzy, KingPong, MagicList, swagalicious, SHeppyG, TankTalonFlame, M&M Peanut, Sharknado R Swagilicious 0834-2818-0877 Gave a non KB pokemon and went offline afterUpdated 8/6/2014, Updated 8/12/2014, Updated 8/19/2014 Updated 08/15/2015, Briayan/Smelliott/Angela/Rosie/Luke PERMA BANNED
JustSmoke DopeBoi, BamaBoi, TrapWiz, SwaderBePimpin, quarterp4dafree Swade/Swado 0834-1820-0804 PowerSaver, scammed on 8/18/2014, Tried offering hacked Pokemon again on 9/25/2014 CONSTANT ALT SWITCHER Again found on 9/28/2014 Found yet again on 9/30/2014 , Angela/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Rock Hard Fanny Cody 0748-4135-6265 Powersaver- Admited it, Alcamite PERMA BANNED
segti luebe, lentero, nububu, clarkthu, wreter mario 2595-1139-7765 multi to 1 trade scam multiple times, lied about IVs/HP,,,, RTG, theWhiteRaven, Trickster,Rosie, Luke, DGA, Lord Marcel, Fischgrat PERMA BANNED
Timeturner5 Julian 0645-5763-0850 POWERSAVER, caught to of shinifying mons during 2nd trade, also scammed by trading shinified mons, Cranham PERMA BANNED
Trixie Probasedgod/TrixieTheGreat 0619-4810-3448 Powersaved, Lied., Shgeldz PERMA BANNED
Terokei Pomberoman2 Leazeel 0576-5128-2559 Powersaver, Lied about it., LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
ezequielzamora argentinamundial, independiente, monferno op Valen 0490-6704-5538 Lied about IVs many times.,RuiLcs0,dMFKvMF#0, Cranham/LiepardHater PERMA BANNED
Jince 0490-6212-8321 Powersaver,,, Cranham PERMA BANNED
KayOne 5teeIe, DarkCeIebi59 miloud 0404-7652-4372 Impersonating Approved cloners, Unapproved Cloning and refusing to give the pokemon back when asked to do so. Unregistered alt, RTG/Lord Marcel/Rosie PERMA BANNED
Amazing Darmanitan Master Jellal 12, DaShinys, GlidyGliscore, HigherThanMtPyre darkari!!! 0361-7819-7583 Impersonation of Master Jellal (cloner) , Anto / Jayrodd PERMA BANNED
Rishirules 0302-0515-6217 Powersaved a users pokemon that he was cloning, admitted, Probably did this to multiple people, Cranham PERMA BANNED
RandyRacc00n 0189-9753-7460 Traded powersaved shiny to Cranham Cranham PERMA BANNED
Bredoom Nathan 0061-1921-0110 Was an approved cloner who decided to scam alot of pokemon and fled to never return them, Scammed +Dratias, discussed in PMS Cranham PERMA BANNED
NighthawkL06 Fullmetalquimera, PirahnaPijama 2062-9541-2192 Powersaver, got all his pokemon ivs edited and changed OTs of pokemon he traded for to nicknameable, lied in the process. Discussed among staff, pm evidence/lying evidence was abundant. WiFi Staff PERMA BANNED
TheOnlyRedLugia megacharizardxyxd, RedLugia2015, Angelo2545XD, AngeloHunter45, PikachuXdLife, AngeloSupLol, bravebird02 XxEmpoleonSwagxX, XxDaGoldRiolu21xX, XxGladYouCamexX, XxRcHiE21xX, XxEmpoleonSw8gxX Angelo 1951-0575-4818 Lied about iv, was meant to be a 5-6iv Abomasnow, turned out to be 1iv. Later scammed again, trying to offer unapproved cloning,,VmpNho4 Rosie_The_Venusaur and Kalalokki PERMA BANNED
Lmplausible Intelectualdude , Thrillipene, PSYCOSANTA666, Shrek OU, Asian Kwii, Lgotstheswag intelectualdude, LnJ SNPiccolo, Kane Prod, Lrauel1, SyxoeD tpurroC, Ocf it is, yeeman23, neegapleese, Deightonater, skendoggydog, dcdcbn vvhcg, BenWhite101, UncannyBladder, Lkehylt, Hebolan, Bebala Serina, Katie, Kevin 3754-8734-2271, 1032-1251-5752 He scammed a lot EVERYONE PERMA BANNED
12345612a Kieran 1091-9174-1264 IV scam Shgeldz Fri Apr 11 2014
1368a Dave 3711-8488-1853 what isnt an IV scam these days Angela Sun Aug 10 2014
360 Bong Scopes 4356-1590-3927 Traded pokemon was a normal pokemon with a premier ribbon, genned joethemaster Mon Jun 30 2014
4GUMON Goldmachine123 CHILENITO 1349-5912-0974 Lied about ivs. No concrete proof. NighthawkL06 / The Real Red/Shgeldz/Anto Sat May 10 2014
64life xKrahst3r Krahst3r 4699-7384-3512 Lied about ivs and went offline Briayan Tue Aug 19 2014
8mtti9ao97 CarrotCake 2105-8934-8657 Keldeo had 2ivs Angela Sat Jun 07 2014
aakashamu 2234-8533-8594 Lied about ivs and traded an 0iv Druddigon, left shortly after. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat May 30 2015
Abbeyexo 2767-0899-3743 iv scam Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Apr 08 2015
Abeast23 amir 0920-3116-3646 Lied about nature, refused to trade back and tried extorting for a shiny Hack Guy Thu Jul 23 2015
abeHD 4442-0949-5978 Lied about being approved, said they weren't added to the list yet. Sole a greninja. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Apr 13 2015
Abhishu Shu 3153-5329-2724 Sylveon wasn't BR, went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Aug 16 2014
Abysslinde 4141-3276-2739 Gave wrong ivs and went offline Briayan Tue Sep 09 2014
ActionRox Action 0361-7325-5122 lied about having a celebi while touchtrading Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Dec 22 2014
ADAMANT DUDEEE LinkBuie 3866-8503-3705 IV scam and went offline. Anto Fri Jun 06 2014
adhosboy George 0662-3812-6997, Traded wrong Pokemon, then traded back wrong pokemon when requested. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon May 21 2018
AD impish john hydra 5112-3052-2086 Lied about IV's. Coronis Sat Feb 21 2015
Aegislashly 5172-0333-7528 Didn't give prize after wager battling Anto Sun Apr 13 2014
aeonui Andras 4098-4008-4144 asked for a mon to be cloned, claimed it was self caught when it wasn't Hadak Ura Sat Jun 18 2016
AERRR Mugdho 0275-9288-4145, trade scam Anto Fri Jul 25 2014
agb96 Aitor 3754-6918-5192 Scammed, then stopped responding. When approached, they refused to trade back theWhiteRaven Mon Jan 19 2015
AgitatedAzumarill Brendan 0619-6580-3410 An unapproved cloner that told the user they'd "get a friend to clone it" but took the pokemon and ran lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Agreian Chris 5215-0295-3287 Scammed IVs, promised a 6IV Shiny BR HB/KB Manectric, the Manectric ended up being 2IV Luke Tue Mar 10 2015
ahsenba anyoneonline, iamnotonline haider 4742-5906-0211 Traded non Ha pokemon instead of HA pokemon. Didn't respond when asked about them despite leaving and then rejoining the room kalalokki Fri Dec 02 2016
aim black camescoe6 Cameron 5215-0526-5978 scammed a user of a "3 IV adamant crabrawler" that was actually 0IV naughty, ignored the user when asked about it castaways Thu Dec 01 2016
aj2005swag a.j. 2638-0911-9622 IV scammed a scammer Hadak Ura Fri May 27 2016
AK111 pikazhu, Jolteonton DUCK 3024-6685-3546 Traded for 2 pokemon and got offline Whiskey Mon Jul 14 2014
akatsuki3030 BDjellyback, akatsuki1213 mark 3325-7106-3110 Traded a 6 IV shiny Typhlosion bred by their friend, which turned out to be a twitch streamer mon. They refused to return the mon when confronted. strikesilver Sun Apr 08 2018
AL7Q 0276-0217-6911 Gave a hacked genesect, refused to trade back Cranham Sun Jan 04 2015
AldersVolcarona Harry 2638-1823-3015 User was looking for a HP Fire Magnezone with 0Atk, and when confronted about the mag not being 0Atk, aldersvolcarona refused to trade back and left promptly after metaldm Thu Dec 29 2016
AlexGotSwag 5369-9700-0079 Traded a wrong 5 IV but gave inaccurate IV's, claimed to have traded the pokemon away immediately, and now won't respond Hopkinsc1/Lord Marcel Sun Sep 07 2014
alfie2002 4983-4917-7523 Lied about details Death God Anubis Sun Apr 02 2017
Alliance Uchiha PieD 5301-0985-8316 ran away with JayTeeLe's litten while promising him a 5 iv rowlet anirav Sun Dec 11 2016
All_wolfgang 2020-0498-9876 Claimed to be new user offering hacking. Person they traded with refused. Anto/Angela Thu Jul 03 2014
alolanfriends zachary 2895-9387-1672 Traded a ditto that wasn't 5IV as promised lordmarcel Sun Feb 12 2017
AlphaHecta Alpha 3609-1976-0832 went offline after UltimaJC accidently left his gengarite on the traded pokemon and asked to get it back Lord Marcel Sun Jun 21 2015
Alt was unregistered so there's no name here none ghost 2896-0500-5074 trading a hacked Modest Shiny event Koko to Khootieeboy obtained from a passerby after being explicitly warned in chat by Lego kaushik Fri Jul 14 2017
Alue j0ellyfish kammii 1263-7225-1976 IV scam. Shgeldz Sun Jul 20 2014
amanhothi Aman 2423-3674-0170 Had mons cloned that were self hacks. Level 1 met Charizard, Clawitzer, Wingull not from eggs. Invalid encounters. Gave a BR Clawitzer in exchange for cloning, which was hacked as well. sipanale Sat Jul 29 2017
americandad Jake 3582-9020-8171 Lack of remorse for jipping people's stuff aeonnn Sun Apr 20 2014
Andrew34pr 3952-7603-1156 offering unapproved clonign Angela Sun Aug 31 2014
anelli17 TheFlamingGlaceon Anelli 2209-0787-8715 Took an Eevee and Ditto to breed a shiny as part of their breeding service, didn't complete the job and went MIA. Came back 5 months later and lied about where they live to claim that hurricanes knocked out their internet. anubis Fri Jun 22 2018
anotherlucas Luca 2165-5371-8864 Tried to giveaway a shinified Pokemon alex Thu Jan 05 2017
anthonykarem 2750-1534-8932 Lied about IVs; Went offline. JkHowling Mon Mar 21 2016
Apple Beekeeper 0104-0127-0734 gave 1IV instead of 6 Briayan/anto Sun May 11 2014
aRaul_TBP (Carlos) 0791-1870-9903 Lied about IVs on a mightyena, didn't respond when asked about it Genevence Sun Mar 13 2016
arcaninebutts1 Jordan 0147-1018-2138 Lied about Ivs, confronted and didnt reply Briayan Wed Dec 10 2014
arjungvr Arjun 4871-6912-1088 Asking for fake proof to give cloners so they clone for him anirav Sun Jul 24 2016
Arkham Knight Wildcow541 Jason 2681-0941-8621 Conkledurr was wrong nature and had wrong ivs Admitted it Gave Pokemon Back, Keep On watch Angela Thu Jul 24 2014
Arvdk21122000 Luke 3148-9761-8628 Lied about if the pokemon was KB and Nature AuzBat Mon Dec 01 2014
Ash9678 4184-2535-0244 Pokemon traded was only 4ivs, when it was meant to be 5ivs. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Sep 19 2014
ASH DA BOMB Matt 4554-0456-6247 Fake approved cloner. Updated, tried to do the same thing again. The Toenail / Rosie Sat Aug 30 2014
AshlynNicole 4725-8467-1869 Lied about ivs Alcamite Wed Apr 22 2015
Asmoduin nico 3110-8304-6715 IV scammed a scammer Hadak Ura Fri May 27 2016
assavestregirock , Tobi 3067-6028-5984 IV scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Sep 07 2014
atom123 Atom 0834-2854-9475 Yawn, IV scammer, you know the drill. Slayer Mon Aug 18 2014
attackthehorizon neverscared, mvln, Valkiryian knight petermew420 5386-8039-9642 dratini was supposed to be 6IV, was 3IV Lord Marcel Mon Jun 23 2014
AtWolf 2249-5893-4131 Wrong IVs Luke Tue Feb 03 2015
avnomj Benny 2105-9060-6920 traded BR mons that were 5 IV but missing important IVs xzern Sun Apr 02 2017
awesomedawg owen 1822-0425-6068 Refused to give prize for giveaway Golui Sat Apr 04 2015
Axewasdrz Chris 2852-9695-3599 The eevee/slyveon wasn't KB/Hb and incorrect hidden power Angela Tue Dec 30 2014
AzazelPT5 4639-9179-9841 Lied about IVS on multiple pokemon Cranham Tue Sep 09 2014
B0netr0winMar0 loa 3797-7444-6068 Unapproved cloner+ Auth disrespect karpz Sun Jun 15 2014
B165420 The Venasaur,ChocolateMilkShake Brandon 2723-9904-3189 Forretress didn't have 0 speed IV as promised Anto/Briayan Sun Aug 10 2014
BaconKnight123 Bilotbags 4270-2727-1990 Agreed for a two for 1 trade, never traded the second pokemon. Ciran Fri Aug 28 2015
Badgered BADGER 0963-2094-2009 Said Bisharp had 6IVs but when checked it had 3IVs and went off of Showdown before I could contact him. Luke Fri Jan 09 2015
Badushka 1865-0305-2747 Lied about IVs/Hidden power type, went offline after trade Cranham Mon Aug 25 2014
BAGON IN MY BALLS Akira 2037-1595-7669 Promised a perfect IVs Umbreon with 2 EMs and an ORAS Tutor Move gave a HT'd Umbreon with no Egg Moves zeroluxgiven Thu Mar 30 2017
balisticknight Serena 2466-6455-2401, 1779-1717-1369 Advertised a self-obtained 6 IV 20th Anniversary Darkrai. It was actually a hacked Gen 4 ALAMOS Darkrai. Cast blame in their friend afterward. anubis Sat Dec 15 2018
ballsdeep 1032-1722-5234 Heatran was meant to be 5iv, was only 1iv. Refused to answer pms. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Dec 12 2014
BallyBhogal Bally 4296-3105-1908 what happened was pokemon wasn't right ivs when checked the summary of kingdra Angela Tue Jul 29 2014
balmierspore9 Aiden 4914-4461-5950 Attempted to lie abpout IVs, though the trade was never fully completed due to user suspicion. slayerx725232 Sat Mar 29 2014
BananaKing22 Johnny 1435-7544-6154 Knowingly did giveaways of a hacked Shiny 6IV Charizard lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Bazelis Al 4227-2469-0108 Lied about IVS. Cranham Sat Aug 09 2014
bdoggy554 Need IGN 4872-0099-2672 Offered genning in PMs mehlord Fri Feb 15 2019
bdyhcghj Bb 1993-9750-6056 User traded 2 pokemon with obviously hacked ribbons, denied knowing about it, and asked for the pokemon back., Luke Fri Mar 30 2018
beagls beagls Owen 3669-2125-5025 allegedly scammed, cloned people's Pokemon and then gave them back vidar Thu Dec 15 2016
Beastlyhydreigon 2638-0998-8795 Pokemon wasn't kalos born Cranham Wed Aug 06 2014
bellosom mete 2981-6970-7477 Unapproved cloner, and scammed Briayan/anto Wed Jul 09 2014
belugadoesgame pillow 1865-0129-5913 attempted scam. offered br mons. they were not hadakura Thu Dec 08 2016
ben the champ 123hi Ben 0834-3504-6652 He offered a shiny Vulpix with 6ivs and drought for my Noivern. I agreed and we traded. After we traded i then checked the ivs on vulpix only to find out that it was missing defense and attack. I checked the actualy ivs and confronted him about it. He first denied the vulpix not being 6ivs and then just said that he wouldn't trade me back. Scammed again, didnt give the giveaway prize, which wasn't as adv anyway Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
berebeer Heidi 4296-3024-7792 I traded her a Shiny 5iv Shuckle for a 5iv Modest Deino (Missing Attack). The first attemp was cancelled because she was about to trade me a different nature than what I had asked for and agreed. On the second attempt, I was assured that it was a Modest Deino perfect only missign attack IVs. However when I check its IVs, I realized that its IVs were not the ones we had agrees on. When I tried to get back to her, she simply stated that the Deino was the one I had asked for (missing attack Ivs) and she proceeded to ignore me. However I have proof that the deino has the wrong IVs. Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
Bersabe Orb 4141-5079-3622 Lied about ability AuzBat Sat Feb 28 2015
Best burmy NA 0430-9534-2587 Latios was not KB, said it was. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Jan 08 2014
betshinyssss Ricardo 2766-8845-9111 Wager battle, went offline and didnt give prize Briayan Thu Aug 21 2014
Bhuk Ruben 4184-4348-5889 Agreed to trade a 6 iv shiny HA Serperior for 6 iv shiny HA Dragonite, Serperior had HA, but was not HB/KB and was in a dusk ball, which is illegal., Luke Sat Mar 31 2018
Big Bag of Salad Ryker 3926-5085-8468 *sigh* guy wasnt approved for cloning and scammed Angela Mon Aug 18 2014
BIG DRAGONNITE2 1118-1486-5714 Faked a screen cap making someone else look like a scammer. panpawn Thu Jul 03 2014
BigNutBigFrank Sharkiesha 3513-5637-7895 Trading Hacks (HA Snivy) Resident That Guy Mon Dec 22 2014
big steak cheese justin 4055-5776-9702 Offered unapproved cloning, didn't return poke until user threatened to report for scamming. Also offered hacked xerneas Gardellade Sun Nov 01 2015
Biochicken Matt 5386-9254-3194 Tried to trade a Groudon which was not as advertised, admitted to me in PMs (rudely I might add) that he's scammed 30+ times already, however there's been no evidence for these events, be on the lookout for this FC lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
birdnerd 4828-5372-4594 Wager battle scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Sep 13 2014
BisharpGun SN 0645-5798-5112 Lied about Ivs AuzBat Tue Dec 23 2014
bishu gian 4399-0242-0654 Ditto was not 6ivs, it was 0ivs. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Aug 17 2014
BL1st3r 3668-8856-1939 Stole an Umbreon, then fled. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue Aug 26 2014
bladeDX501 bladeDX501 5000-4506-0204 Lied about IVs, went offline after RTG Thu Jan 22 2015
blastyblast Stegosaurs 3883-6836-9444 wrong nature; possible inccorect ivs as well Angela Mon Dec 22 2014
BlazeMan2616 Blaze Man 3840-6810-5724 Offered 3 self-obtained shiny Ho-Ohs SR'd in OR, US, and UM. Two were PokeNursery mons and the last one was a DBHA shiny. Was given multiple chances to admit the truth, continued claiming they caught it and then changed story to say their brother caught it. anubis Thu Nov 29 2018
BlazeThaCat BlazeThaCat 0018-1303-7248 Lied about ability, refused to trade back, fled when approached by staff. Scammed again 12/17/14 Resident That Guy/theWhiteRaven Tue Dec 09 2014
Blazette 1521-4247-1752 Wager scam Cranham Sun Dec 14 2014
Bloodypuddles Bailey 2423-2746-4447 IV Scam, went offline on DS and PS. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Nov 30 2014
bluary bluary 4957-3742-0142 left after receiving a pokemon to evolve Anto Sat May 31 2014
Blubisharp Ethan 2578-4064-9978 Not kalos born , made a excuse , ran Karpz Thu Jun 05 2014
BlueDitto20 Wyatt 0989-2486-2789 wrong ivs and evs // under @antto's watch :) Anto Fri Feb 07 2014
blueishten blueishten 3153-6745-6209 Lied about IVs, ran when user requested their pokemon back. User had no screenshots unfortunately, Animusi Fri Mar 30 2018
bluekiwi waycon 3883-5055-7145 Offered genned stuff knowingly right in his shop, admitted when confronted Resident That Guy Mon Apr 20 2015
bodiethefallen Bodie 1607-3870-5361 tyrogue was 3 Iv not 6 Briayan Tue Aug 12 2014
Bolt225 0963-0712-2393 gave 1IV instead of a 5iv, confronted and lied about it Briayan Sun Apr 20 2014
Bonzii 2638-2134-0558 Lied about the Kyogre's Origion: Alcamite Sun Dec 14 2014
Boomshakalaka900 bluenight 5258-0752-9003 The Scizor wasn't Kalos born like proposed Cranham/Briayan Sat Aug 16 2014
boss2025 riverry shady 2724-2119-3730 Offered egg with ESV of person they were trading with, egg had an incorrect ESV and was not any of the pokes they said it would be. Went on alt afterwords. sn0w/skillett Wed Aug 05 2015
Boss Bum AJ 3926-6290-7355 (mods at the time felt this evidence was suspicious) Hairy Toenail Wed Apr 23 2014
BreedingBoss Jack 4270-1261-6390 Wrong ability Luke Sat May 02 2015
brendentrainerx1 DarkErebus 4528-3101-5641 Trading hacked GTS mon, then trading shady FB GA mon on a separate instance. anubis Thu Jul 05 2018
Bro Breezy Kollin 0361-7093-2055 Offered 6IV's, after checking an online calc, found out to be false. Luke Thu Oct 09 2014
Brockle Sprouts Torin 0275-9081-8087 Clone scam Shgeldz Wed Apr 02 2014
BrotherFromTheHood Cervo 2809-9698-8479 Wrong IVs Luke Mon Jul 20 2015
BToolbox Best 1993-8238-1735 Confronted multiple times for a pokemon he bred, was on the Breeders list and the TID's didnt match Briayan/Angela/anto Sun May 25 2014
BudderGolem500 Chase 5215-0455-0193 Attemped to scam, confronted was an asshole about it Briayan Wed Dec 03 2014
Bumfluffasgogo 4055-4205-6805 Invalid IVS, Went offline Cranham Sun Aug 10 2014
Bunguhh Squishee Bunguhh 3840-7600-9974 offered 5iv butterfree for the 5iv shroomish and butterfree had 1iv Angela Wed Jul 30 2014
busterblader322 3797-7436-1608 iv scam Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Apr 09 2015
butter1358 1478-4517-7787 Lied about Ivs Briayan/Aubat Sun Nov 23 2014
byronkanetheking byron 2165-6685-0361 Unapproved cloner jazz, you know the drill. Dude didn't trade back the original Pokemon, tried claiming PSaves broke the level (IDIOT), etc. Traded back Greninja appears. Slayer Wed Jul 23 2014
Cahnola Chase 3454-2209-5703 Lied about IVs, Egg moves, and nature. LiepardHater Fri Aug 29 2014
CanadianHalberd Brandon 5301-0446-7198 Jirachi was meant to be 4ivs, was not 4ivs. Rosie / 3GM Wed Aug 13 2014
captainzer0dew Peter 1564-3473-0907 hacking a mon for trade? Anto Sun Apr 02 2017
Caseyoyo 4656-8721-5222 Lied about IVS Cranham Sat Jan 17 2015
CeloPeeeelo Hayvan 3497-0090-2244 Lied about details, third time's the charm! Didn't respond when asked about trading back. Death God Anubis Thu Jul 02 2015
Chadwalter 2020-0085-2719 Lied about IVS Cranham Wed Aug 27 2014
Chain-fun1453 Duster445 4012-5443-1726 Mawile was only 4iv instead of the claimed 6iv, been a good user past time, given another chance keep on watch though., Cranham Sat Mar 31 2018
Champ Austin Austin 1135-1299-5557 Promised 6IV swampert. It was 0IVs lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Champion dark-ace Abhi 4311-1594-9132 Stole pokemon under grounds of "completing pokedex" Angela Fri Dec 26 2014
Champion Pro Kenichi 1521-4601-4313 wrong ivs Leafeon Thu Apr 03 2014
Chandelol Roman 0490-6415-7433 Syther was only 5ivs, fled after. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue Sep 02 2014
CHARIZAARD Victory 0404-6841-3067 Powersaving, TIDs do not match despite the same OT. Slayer Tue Jul 22 2014
charizard75 Char75 2595-2818-0217 iv scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Feb 08 2015
CharizardIsOP360 Grass 2509-3104-0169 2 for 1 Trade Scam. When confronted went offline. LiepardHater Wed Nov 05 2014
Cheeze Monster TJ 1736-3432-7536 Offered a HP Ice Tapu Koko that ended up being a HP Dark one. Then proceeded to offer to edit the IVs of the mon in order to make it HP Ice. Twice. dratias Thu Dec 08 2016
cholf cholf 3153-5117-1557 Lied about IVs on the ditto. The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
chonk1212 4098-4736-8645 Offering shiny hoopa and admitting to me he knew it was hacked Lord Marcel Wed Aug 05 2015
CHRISTMASGAMER smile espurr Eric 1392-5684-9308 Scammed a wager battle went straight offline after losing, barred from cloners list due to this. smelliott Sun Sep 07 2014
chris-vc Chris 0533-6326-7688 Breloom was supposed to have ever had Focus Punch so it could be relearned with a heart scale, but it didn't Lord Marcel Wed Jun 18 2014
Chudej12 Suicune38 CC 5043-5907-3880 Wrong IVs Luke Sun Jun 12 2016
Chuy24 Jesus 3024-5956-1475 Ditto IV scam, lied about the ivs on the Ditto, refused to answer messages on PS, went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Nov 30 2014
CK1000 Ashton 4098-7428-1624 unapproved cloner who stole ShadowBlast's pokemon jinofthegale Wed Nov 30 2016
Clayton24 clayton 2294-5555-1913 Traded a 1IV Shiny gyarados after saying it was 5IV, kinda admitting in the screenshots that he scammed this guy and ignored requests of a refund 3GM/Angela Tue Jul 15 2014
ClemsonFan15 ClemsonFan Tucker 0404-6221-1188 Hosted a giveaway, never distributed prize. Winner waited for over an hour., Skillett Sat Mar 31 2018
cliff123 1049-0574-8015 Iv scam, went offline straight after. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Oct 08 2014
CMach Ash 2251-5002-0792 Powersaving a mon to be shiny and lying to users and staff residentthatguy Sat Nov 26 2016
Cobra229 cobra229 0662-2889-4648 Lied about the ability of his Heracross during a trade and went afk and eventually offline when asked for a tradeback. mehlord Sun Jul 01 2018
cololampard Serena 4227-2663-0183 IVS were wrong, Went offline straight after trade. Angela Wed Sep 17 2014
conceited cape 4055-5765-5938 Admitted to trading "hoopa" eggs in attempts to get good pokemon in return. Skillett Sun Apr 02 2017
consean7 Sean 4957-4506-5662 Multiple reports of users being scammed by him Briayan Tue Dec 23 2014
Coolaxer PokemonLoverWooh Evan 0189-9622-1813 incorrect Ivs/ Hidden Power, went offline. Scammed again, refused to give back a Dialga he was traded 2/20/2015 Briayan/Rosie Sun Apr 02 2017
Cool Fletcher flecther 3153-5538-2611 Shiny Metagross for shiny Gensect Last Minute Fletcher here decided to switch the pokemon to a shitty tropius and guy accidentally clicked accept and fletcher refused to trade back, Got offlne right after Angela Wed Jul 23 2014
coolkisd017 Anton 4656-7042-6055 scammed a scammer lmfao Anto Thu Apr 17 2014
coolstar456 YEELORD9, SlurpuffNite Vinci 2595-5195-8086 giveaway scam. never gave user the Pokemon that they had won. auresi Thu Aug 24 2017
CopyStrikeShowdown randombattletrash, guy146, mebeanthemean, juicywrld, littlecupwcanides, stealyourthot., iamingulag, underagedrinker, verlisspankme, pokemonletsgodie, soccersucksmypp, jurassicparkgo, powrwhiplickilicky Corey 2208-9678-7221 Lied to staff and GA'd a WT pokemon wyrx Thu Mar 14 2019
cpfunk618 shinyturtle Cammeron 2734-0135-3043 Lied about nature, alt was his "little Brother" Shgeldz Mon Mar 31 2014
Cre7azn duci 4098-6925-6235 Iv scam, then immediatly went offline Hadak Ura Thu May 26 2016
CrinkTurner yung t 4700-0342-9176 Knowingly wanted to trade genned mons metaldm Mon Feb 27 2017
Crisisraider99 Ryan 3738-0001-3950 Scammed a Metagross, said they were an approved cloner Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Nov 02 2014
Cugga Julian 2922-0285-3823 tried to trade 4iv shiny diancie (actually offered in trade) and it wouldn't trade since hacked, Cranham Sat Mar 31 2018
cyberknight8616 Brayan 0662-4936-4200 traded a hacked manaphy Angela Wed Dec 31 2014
Dagt30 0989-2028-9767 Lied about IVs 3ivs instead of 5iv Cranham Sun Aug 24 2014
DahDragoMastr 4012-6571-4027 All pokemon have different TIDs with the same OT, all shiny, weren't hatched. Golui Sat Feb 21 2015
damien369 Justin 1177-9755-5916 Lied about details, again, the usual. Refused to trade back when requested. Death God Anubis Wed Jul 01 2015
danceinfrance KRUSTYKRAB 4038-7002-5144 Admitting that a shiny Alamos Darkrai was their own which was traded throwingstarkiller Sun Dec 24 2017
DanixAlt Danix 3540-0124-3775 Lied about HP fire status, didn't respond after theWhiteRaven Mon Nov 24 2014
DannyK9 , Caleb 3883-6818-8481 Goodra was only 4ivs, when it was meant to be 6ivs. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Aug 21 2014
Danyramierz Daniel 4339-3112-3799 No SuperFang, Frisk ability Got offline hasnt been on since. Angela Sun Jul 06 2014
darkbull4863 Alf 2809-9096-8633 Chimchar was 3 IVs instead of 5. Whiskey1 Thu Sep 04 2014
darkfire0926 fujino 4124-5307-8608 Unapproved cloner stole the dude's pokemon pplzdude Mon Jul 14 2014
DarkraiIsComing PoipleAmpharos,Wyrz Joana 2939-0777-0449 Said mons were BR, but they weren't such as gentle scizor. Also traded hacks since Friend Ball + HA is illegal. EVs everywhere as well. metaldm Fri Nov 11 2016
Darkstar 101 0989-2069-6546 Gave wrong IV mon and went offline after Snow/joethemaster Sun Apr 02 2017
Darkwolf33, Nic 4227-3663-8798 Lied about IVs, nature, and moves. Trickster Sun Jan 25 2015
DarkxLink3 WOLF 2036-7897-3670 said he was going to clone, then got offline Anto Thu Jun 05 2014
DatVerde Verde 5000-3290-2207 Scamming mons off, pretending to be a cloner SpecsMegaBeedrill Fri Aug 28 2015
Davidlkraemer Sdfbsdgbhg, Pipsternick David 0533-6399-1849 Lied about IVs, but gave back. LiepardHater Sat Oct 18 2014
davidmcc2895 David 4871-4855-2513 He claimed to be giving me a 5IV shroomish with hidden ability (technician) but gave me a 2IV one with poison heal. Luke Sat Nov 01 2014
DavidThatKid David 2852-8689-9002 Pokemon didn't have specific moves and refused to trade back. Jimmy / The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
dbBOY87 dbMAN87 1461-7353-1705 Lied about IVs Golui Wed Jul 08 2015
Deadsamourai Aurel 1719-3523-1027 We reached an agreement to trade my Landorus for his Metagross. But they went offline during the trade and the metagross didn't have the promised ivs. Luke Fri Jan 02 2015
 DeathDash8 Rainbow 0748-3222-3453 Ho-oh was 0ivs Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Jan 21 2015
Deathjoker30 Nicole 0834-2914-6017 not approved cloner, never traded pokemon back kept pokemon for himself in the end. Angela Mon Jul 28 2014
deathperm nothing10000 5258-1440-4789 gave me a 1iv feraligatr and took my 5iv snivy i asked for it back and he got offline Luke Sun Apr 02 2017
Demfisi Astrub Dara 1564-5763-5831 IV scammed on an alt, went offline before they could be confronted, then went on their main to resume chat, like nothing happened. Alt check proved that they were the same person Sondero Fri Mar 18 2016
Demon_T_Dawg Tyler 4742-7032-1574 Wrong IV ditto, shown in proof. Briayan Sat Jul 26 2014
Demser_pkm_switch Demser 0448-1566-4401 Offering mons purchased from some shady place online. Offered glitch Mew. Pointed to rules, but they still refused to learn to obtain mons legitimately and asked to be banned since they'll only trade shady mons. anubis Sat Aug 18 2018
denario dani+ 3196-5939-2525 Unapproved cloner who stole a pokemon castaways Thu Dec 22 2016
deprieststewart lpgpro 5086-2575-5564 mon was not 5 IV or EV trained Anto Fri Jun 06 2014
Dero James 5222 0490-6746-3372 Traded 4 obviously hacked mons and then went offline Hadak Ura Sat May 28 2016
dev25 Devin 1650-3952-3934 Offered unapproved cloning and ran when he got a poke DeathGodAnubis/Rosie Fri Mar 20 2015
Devil's Houndoom Omega Zygarde Gingee 3239-5936-2637 Traded wrong IV's, left afterwards Magic Bananas Sun Apr 02 2017
DevolutionGuru senor burritoman, Mega Granbull J 0963-0264-1334 Wrong Iv Pokemon/Lied about being an approved cloner and stole mons. / IV Scam, said he would give it back when confronted but never. also told the guy he traded with that he gave it to someone with a similar name. Angela/Hairy Toenail/Anto/ Smelliott Thu Aug 07 2014
devonfromheavin Devon 2208-6849-4923 IV scam. Froakie wasn't 5ivs. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Nov 15 2014 Pixxa 5172-1007-6024 Knowingly traded a dream ball Talonflame. UNAPPROVED CLONER THAT SCAMMED Rosie_The_Venusaur/Briayan Fri Sep 26 2014
Dhmrocks Dhmrocks 4527-9163-9248 Iv scam aegislash was 1iv instead of 4 Angela Sat Jun 14 2014
dialgapikachu 2595-6111-4908 Traded a lonely Mimikyu to someone; was supposed to be brave 0 IV. Hasn't been back to discuss at all for 2 weeks. Blacklisted until appealed. anubis Sun Nov 04 2018
dialgrr FireDrake-X) Jesse 4785-6727-3993 Unapproved Cloner that scammed Briayan Tue Aug 26 2014
didoum1220 Arsalene 3196-4139-2518 Lied about ivs, went offline after Briayan Wed Aug 06 2014
DieFliegendeKuh Katy 2767-0170-5090 5 IV mon only had 2 IV snakeindagrass Wed Jun 18 2014
Difference 0104-0345-2265 Said the darumaka was Hustle and KB, when it wasn't. Took both pokemon and left. Jk Howling Wed Sep 03 2014
Din's Fire 5327-1490-0420 trade wasn't done, but he lied and went off Anto Sun Jun 08 2014
DLSPOkeFreak 2449-5169-1915 Lied about iv's twice, refused to trade back until confronted by the scary RO. Did eventually trade back after a lot of prompting. Ciran Sat Feb 06 2016
Dmr1105 Dylan 3625-9875-8701 wrong ivs and shit, then got offline Anto Fri Apr 04 2014
dnzlpkmn denzel 5172-2533-8148 Lied about Thundurus's ability; traded in incarnate form Alcamite Wed Dec 17 2014
DoAMagicPLz Hans 4210-5147-1007 said its a 6iv Bueary but it turned out to be 1iv. Somemore, the Buneary isnt HA. Angela Tue Dec 30 2014
doitforyourlover Juanchy 1264-1496-6521 Self-hacked a Lunar Magikarp event and used another user's proof to make it look legit zohart Tue May 01 2018
Dolphin11 Dolphin 3024-6990-4490 Traded a Charizard with no Dragon Dance when it was requested, traded back still suspicious. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Sep 01 2014
Dooney1 3652-1135-4567 was supposed to trade all power items. traded one and went offline hadakura Wed Dec 14 2016
Dovakinn Dovakinn 0061-1301-1487 Lied about IV's, went offline afterwards. Luke Mon Nov 10 2014
Dragon991q Killer 3454-2785-7532 Gave a Snorlax with wrong ivs and went offline afterwards after being called out on it, Kalalokki Sat Mar 31 2018
Dragonite Dance Adam 2208-9026-1411 Giveaway scam, gace a 2 IV Modest Protean Froakie at first, then traded a 3 IV Timid one instead of the promised 4 IV Modest Froakie, then tried to bribe the user who won. ZLG Sun May 08 2016
DragoniteKiller 5000-3683-1139 Unapproved cloner blablabla LiepardHater Sun Oct 19 2014
Drakenstar78 Prima / sr0py0 2234-7667-8230 Lied about Hidden Power and nature, went offline after RTG Wed May 20 2015
DrDeary Will 2380-4844-6318 Not trading back touch trades, going offline after RTG Sat Jan 31 2015
Dr.DoomRabbit 3110-4669-4695 iv & ev scam; also hacked Alcamite Mon Dec 22 2014
DreadfulxRaptor Johnny 3325-3781-6525 Touch trading a Parasect for a Jirachi, never gave Jirachi back. Tunaface Sun Apr 02 2017
Drunard Seta 3969-9081-9675 Gave away multiple non-self-obtained pokemon and lied to staff about their origin. neycwang Wed Apr 24 2019
dsdujdj splash 1736-0175-5886 Wrong ivs. Alcamite/Briayan Tue Aug 05 2014
Duhh Money LeeQuan 1349-6707-5136 Traded a bad iv'd aggron in return for a an absol and a shiny competitive virizion. Lord Marcel and Rosie Mon Jul 28 2014
Duke05799 Mark 3093-7186-8548 IV scammed a cofagrigus he said it was 5iv and battle ready turned out to be 1iv Therazer456 Tue Dec 30 2014
Duke Hazen Nick 3583-0613-8756 IV scammed a Shiny Deoxys said it was 6ivs and it was only 1. Said it was adamant instead it was Quirky. Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
dvdgvs Mr. Cactus 4167-5527-9312 Lied about IVs/EVs, went offline after RTG Thu Feb 19 2015
DwarfyPig C9 SaltyPig 3282-3178-4705 Iv scam, evaded on alt and went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Sep 26 2014
dylanclausel 0533-4378-5372 He told me that his buneary has 5ivs missing spatk but it didnt have even 1 iv‏ Luke Fri Jan 09 2015
DynamicSkillz Jordan 4296-4125-5258 After losing a wager battle he failed to give the wager pokes Therazer456 Fri Jan 16 2015
edfn LOL400 Eduardo 3282-3714-4990 wrong ivs, it was a safari pokemon, so, no 6ivs or anything.Pokemon Given to Karpz Anto PM me / Stole a walrein, went offline. Lurked on guest accounts // Talk to #Shgeldz Anto/Karpz/ SopS4nd/Shgeldz Sat Jul 12 2014
edmeades3, Ladd0 ash 4699-6194-7973 Gave wrong IV poke and switched alt and went offline after Briayan/anto Sun Apr 02 2017
eduaardo Edu 2809-9485-0045 traded a supposed 5 IV Pichu for users 4 IV Mareanie. The Pichu had 0 IVs zeroluxgiven Thu Jan 12 2017
EeveeMaster14 Aiden 3325-1909-7741 promised to clone a pokemon; Scammed it, pretended to have lost it Cranham Sat Aug 16 2014
Emberno 3368-3262-0177 iv scam Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Feb 26 2015
Enable tiyo 3153-3344-4601 Lying about being an approved cloner, holding pokemon hostage unless the other person trades a shiny darkrai Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Aug 09 2015
enquistador 3368-1805-4173 IV scam; 3IV but not the right ones, had HP dark instead of HP fire. Trickster Wed Dec 17 2014
Epicagent 4725-7996-3601 Lied about IVs, 0ivs instead of proposed 6iv Cranham Mon Aug 18 2014
EpicKarp Ja'sean 4854-6702-5181 Not even KB Angela Mon Aug 11 2014
Eren Swaeger Mechs 2466-6071-7665 2 for 1 trade; lied about ball; went offline residentthatguy Thu Dec 01 2016
Er Giron 4339-2464-9148 Claimed to have self obtained a event jirachi and linked fake proof in pms lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
ERIKoooo Sceptile9000 / Favaselvatica, TheFavaj97 Jake/Claudio 2251-6084-5483 Lied about iv's then tried to turn it around and say the person scammed them then ran. karpz/Amphy / The Real Red / Anto Fri Mar 30 2018
Esmit10 smit 0576-7001-2579 Scammed/lied to auth about giving a pokemon back, Ciran/Cranham Sat Mar 31 2018
EvansHeavens 3067-6044-4664 unapproved cloning Angela Tue Dec 23 2014
evees2023 emerald 1177-9729-2565, 2707-2145-2741 lied about IVs; Stole pokemon after claiming to be an approved cloner, he gave back two of the pokemon when confronted and went offline without giving back the one he was originally seeking. Okay this guy's scammed like 4 times now, just perma if he does anything again. Golui/Lord Marcel/Trickster Mon Mar 30 2015
evilcow12 none, Shinynuggetzs Chaos 4399-2383-2387 traded shinies and refused to trade back what was promised and when asked by me they refused to give them back joethemaster Sun Apr 09 2017
eyebgr Jake 0233-0541-4347 Tried to give away a hacked pokemon from a known hacker. Blatantly told me it was from this hacker (even sent me a link) and that he'd got it from GTS. residentthatguy Sat Nov 25 2017
Eytyhis2000 Eytyhis2000 Nick 1435-7394-7867 Traded a 6iv caught shiny from the wild and went offline when confronted RosieTheVenusaur Sat Oct 15 2016
F50blazed , ali 0559-7758-5604 Rotom was not ev trained, ran away Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Apr 02 2017
Facusta Logan 1177-9519-2929 Stole a evolution trade swirlix Cranham Sun Jun 21 2015
Falcon4275 DragonLord919119, IshizuThe5th, IshizuThe4th, TheAceZ Nick, Hawk 2981-6841-5845 Wager Battle Scam, didn't pay up. IV scam, leaves right after trade. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Jul 30 2014
FernandoGamerBR FernandaGamerBR Fernada 1049-0856-1417 Lied about IVs, went offline after, DeathGodAnubis Fri Mar 30 2018
fgdggffdg Jermaine 4613-8437-0801 Lied about nature. Espurr Sun Apr 02 2017
FireBolt755 Trenton 0060-9799-1543 said rufflet was 5iv, in chat once traded said he said it was 2iv unlike shown in chat Angela Wed Jul 02 2014
firecut156 adnan 0318-7975-7927 Lied about IVs /greninja didn't have the right IVS when confronted was rude joethemaster/Angela Thu Jul 17 2014
Firehawktv Firehawk 1907-8964-7810 IV scam, refusal to trade back castaways Mon Dec 19 2016
FizzOnMyJayceee Kazi 1220-7975-5585 Lied about IVs. Said 5 and was 2. Nebuchadnezzar Thu Nov 27 2014
Flameblasta Josh 4098-5108-5046 Lied about iv's, wouldn't reply when confronted Ciran Sun Apr 02 2017
FlameKingTM Julian 4313-0013-7666 Traded Back 9/8/2014 LiepardHater Mon Sep 08 2014
Flareon Rules OP)Torterra, PokemonUber>D , Sergi 0662-4913-7516 IV scam, evaded on alt. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Jul 31 2014
fluffyshinx Jules_the_shinx code982 3625-8006-3009 IV Scam Shgeldz Sun Apr 27 2014
flygon101 Camero 2148-8322-8657 scammed, traded back and scammed again. Anto Wed Apr 09 2014
flyingplatipi97 Keith 0516-7339-6189 Diancie was hacked didnt trade throughthey decided to trade fletchling fletching was 1v , scammer disapeared Angela Thu Jul 31 2014
FlyingWeavile Luke 4098-5227-4302 Greninja wasn't 6iv or Timid. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue Oct 20 2015
ForgottenTactic 4828-5257-7317 iv scam, went offline straight after. smelliott Wed May 07 2014
fr3tw3ll Terra 1447-6463-1060 Lied about IVs; Traded back Jk Howling Sun Dec 20 2015
Freedom Strike Yolo Yveltal, Destiny War, Xtreme Xerneas Tony 4270-1019-2625 offered a 6iv shiny sligoo for a 5iv shiny noivern. and the sliggo had 2 ivs only / Said that his Goodra was 6iv but was only 1iv and logged off of PS immediatly after trade Zeleth/Anto/ Leader Fox Sun Apr 06 2014
frictus 3411-2758-4410 Attempted to trade a hacked pikachu, ended trade and went offline soon after being called out. sn0w Wed Jun 15 2016
Friendlygiant681 1332-7706-6248 Agreed upon a 2 for 1 trade, only gave one of them and ignored the user's PMs afterwards lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Frizze Frizze 0705-4768-2754, 3239-3814-0332 Didn't give them the pokemon AuzBat Sun Nov 30 2014
froakie4uber Ash 4313-1458-3175 Lied about IVs and such. LiepardHater Mon Oct 13 2014
FrosLassOwnage223 Christian 3325-1402-8924 Lied about IVs and teased them about it AuzBat Thu Jan 22 2015
frostbite 1337 Tails 1263-5711-6594 Powersaves Briayan/anto Tue Jul 15 2014
FrostDoesYoutube Frost 4356-1676-7759 Knowingly traded a powersaved pokemon, fled afterwards. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Sep 03 2014
Frozen Bears Kaito 2879-0083-4116 Admitted to trading wrong Iv pokemon, Got offline short after Joethemaster Thu May 22 2014
FuryFlame99 3282-5014-4423 Lied about Ivs/went offline Cranham Mon Feb 16 2015
fuuudge hi im a duckling 1521-3431-1763 IV Scam never gave evidence as to not scamming when confronted. smelliott Sat Aug 30 2014
fvbghnjm donald 2852-7855-6934 Moltres was not 6iv Angela Fri Jan 09 2015
gamingba 1006-0013-5524 Traded an injected pokemon Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Mar 10 2014
Ganonwithguns i have 6iv dittos, I<3niggers, bOGAL Mybagelisbrown penguin bros 1332-8671-2275 IV Scam, went offline straight after. // Proof isn't needed. Terrible user, bad presence in chat, next time permababn (check alts) Shgeldz/Anto Sun Aug 24 2014
Gardevoirite Ethan 4897-6396-6835 Lied about IV's, trade was denied after wrong IV's were confirmed in trade window. theWhiteRaven Mon Nov 10 2014
gaugiresw Marcossenna, OfficialGiroud, LongJohnLou Zach 3668-8984-4308 Wrong ivs on the pokemon. wing/ Offler/ Murder Time/ Wuzat/ Anto Sat May 10 2014
gbunumun chad 2809-7694-0438 Lied about ivs on ditto, went on an alt RTG Mon Feb 02 2015
GEB476145 0576-7139-3038 Giveaway scam of a 6iv adamant patrat, wasn't 6iv or Adamant or KB/HB. Don't let this guy do giveaways. Did another giveaway scam for two 6iv magikarp;neither had any iv's. Rosie_The_Venusaur/Ciran Sun Jun 07 2015
generalchewy 0147-0278-9698 said the keldeo was hidden power flying and wasn't, then went offline after a small argument with pixy pidgey, smelliott Sat Jun 07 2014
Gengaritzer Mariokachu Layton 3351-4521-5327 Middle manned this Lied about 6IVs on ditto. I recorded it and can upload upon request. He also scammed someone else UU/Anto Fri Jul 04 2014
gennation Bryan 5172-2121-0783 Wrong ivs/lied Death God Anubis Sun Apr 02 2017
getcolcuts Thor 4356-0059-8994 Gave wrongs ivs Briayan Sat Oct 25 2014
GFranks400 Jose Franco 0447-7375-1685 IV Scamming, unapproved cloning. Joe/Toenail Sat Aug 02 2014
Ghost2Hunt 4742-6776-7859 Wrong ivs and evs Alcamite Sat Dec 20 2014
Ghostblade913 Moon 2123-1143-1212 Tried to trade a self-obtained VC Glitch Mew as an Emerald Mew. Lied multiple times before admitting they glitched it. anubis Wed Aug 08 2018
Ghost-Master92 2987-7904-3132 Lied about being an approved cloner. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Apr 25 2015
gihgione 0490-7089-2443 offering unapproved cloning and asking for more and more mons to clone Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Oct 17 2014
gioci Giovanni 1177-9079-3194 Iv scam, wrong moves and level stated. Rosie_The_Venusur/LiepardHater Fri Nov 07 2014
Girvarge Nova 1006-0777-9908 Ditto didn't have 6ivs, was only 3ivs, went offline after being confronted Cranham Mon Aug 04 2014
Gjhufvbn 7ekx8wks, Bbhgtgy, bbjbbibi, Bbnnnnn, Bbvv vbbh, Bgffggr, Bjnjjjgff, cldmvem, Efhgghh, Fnjnjbvff, Frohyrfhj, Fxbgddr, Gbhbb, Gdghgf, Ghbbvvvg, Ghdjxjd, Ghhbbbbbbvf, Ghutgjji, GjhufvbnP, GjhufvbnPgghhgg, Gjjnh, Gnjnjbffv, Gtswondertrafe, Gvhbbbbggg, Gvhnbhh, Gvrhvyg, H nbbhbbhy, Hbbbvcvvf, Hbvfhhgt, Hhbbvvvg, Hhfyjgggh, Hhgftgdr, Hhggbbg, Hhhtrr, Hhygfgh, Hjhhuu, Hjvvbh, Hnbghjyt, Hnjbbbgv, Hurtjxjw, Ikkmkkk, Jhfgh, Jjjjjnhg, Jsjdjdhhrs, Jzjhcbfnxjf, Rcbddfg, Rcfcrvtvt, Rdedrdr, Rgyhubhg, Rgyhubhg, Tdjdhfd, Treysksii, Unuxrcfn, Ybvbhbnh, Yjjgghy, Likawou, Tbhjhyy, Bnbbbbbg, Jfjdndnjd, Jkbvvvvg, Binghop, Zkajzjs, Vbhnj fv, Exdujnezs, Sswsesd, Ikijjhggggg, Jms8s wjx, Kkkkkjgfff, Dcdvgvgg, Fxdxxxxd, Rcunfff Niko, JrollBonghit 0275-7576-1176 Keeps offering mons from Ebay in the room. Constantly evading. anubis Thu Aug 16 2018
Glaceon13579 Willie 2750-1670-7743 Lied about IV's, didn't respond after trade Toenail Mon Aug 11 2014
glennster199 4527-9725-2403 Scammed guys pokemon then went offline, however there's no decisive proof of the trade ever taking place HackJiggins Sun Apr 02 2017
gnrhguth Brendanwifi Brendan 4596-9692-9738 Stole a mon while borrowing it. Espurr Sun Apr 02 2017
Goble 4613-7774-6109 Gave wrong Ivs, went offline Briayan Thu Jul 10 2014
GodofSkill1997 Dragster 1289-8651-2256 Scammed the user, but apparently it was a friend on the account. I have told both the scammer and the person who was scammed, that if the poke is not traded back in the next two days, they'll become confirmed scammers theWhiteRaven Thu Dec 18 2014
gold566 Chris 1865-1435-1301 Giveaway scam, didnt read rules, terrible user in chat and pms to staff Resident That Guy Sun Apr 02 2017
GoldenAzelf David 4983-4929-8970 Atempted to trade a hacked pokemon (powersaved ball and pokegened) Alcamite Mon Jun 16 2014
Gold Latias Alica 2423-6548-3690 Gave mons with wrong IVs, refused a trade-back, went offline Hack_Guy Wed Jun 22 2016
Goobie~XD IGN Glenn 4213-2210-6066 DC'd After a susupicious trade, take him off it he comes on. Shgeldz Sat Oct 04 2014
Goodoffers!!!! DarkLightOfNight, NinMatt, BackAndBetter 5300-8261-2156 IV Scam EVERYONE Sat Mar 31 2018
good ppl man Wilhelm 1977-0664-9239 Traded 6iv shiny wild caught pokemon, went offline after trading RTG Wed Aug 19 2015
Good Story, Broyce Rian 2079-7367-6361 scammed and got offline right after; promised pokemon was 3iv instead of 5 angela Sun Apr 02 2017
goooooroooo 0645-6069-6954 IV Scam, went offline. Angela/Rosie Tue Dec 23 2014
GothoritaGirl Abigail 3153-3548-8623 Was trading snivy eggs w/ contrary, She said that she had to go so she gave him an egg quickly, he then hatched it, It was a furfrou :I Amph Thu Jul 31 2014
grarchompguyftw khdvbjhvbs, JSHDVBJHB, Allternate:3 2724-0606-0417 wrong nature and not KB Lord Marcel Sat Jul 12 2014
Grayble Christian 3566-2767-8377 Knowingly traded wrong iv pokemon, trolled user upon confrontation. Lied about the reason to be unbanned from Wifi, RTG/Rosie Fri Mar 30 2018
Greenshio herojustDS, Breedjects, lopunnyz 3411-2738-0061, 0877-3393-3507 Lied about IVs, went offline Cranham / Ciran / JK Howling Sun Dec 14 2014
Gregorym1224 Gregory 2595-4065-4918 Wrong IVs Luke Sun May 29 2016
Greshy Greshy 0275-9042-9224 Scammed a guy left Angela Tue May 27 2014
grizzlygamer 4098-3352-8742 insisted that their metagross was 6iv and BR, when calculated they didn't add up, went offline Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Mar 15 2015
guiiiiii DrChris100 3024-7700-6014 6iv adamant riolu was 3iv with a lax nature Angela Sun Apr 02 2017
gwpooley george 5386-8529-0682 IV Scamming Anto Sun Aug 03 2014
gwrrgwhar Yamato 0950-8285-8575 Promised 6iv shiny galie was 3ivs Cranham Sun Aug 03 2014
Gym Leader ST33L Robbie 2809-8698-9643 Traded a genned mon, refused to trade back. No concrete proof yet though. slayerx725232 Sun Apr 27 2014
gyoral hiuaka, kuyakeshi Ed 3754-9468-3055 Lied about IVs, "at least the nature matches" Golui Wed Feb 25 2015
Haba Daba 0061-1885-6115 IV scam Trickster Tue Dec 23 2014
hackman hacke165 Abdihakim 4098-4303-3438 Lied about IVs. After being confronted on their alt, they agreed to trade it back at a later date. After speaking with person who was scammed a couple days later, the trade was never completed. theWhiteRaven Sun Dec 07 2014
haggswag 2767-1551-7653 Lied about IVs and said Ditto was foreign when it was not, went offline after I PM'd them about it sn0w Sat Oct 03 2015
handle10 4012-5794-0998 Offered shiny meloetta, which is shiny locked Jk Howling Fri Sep 26 2014
HappyHoopa Jens 3926-5833-1136 Wrong IVs, left Luke Sun Jun 14 2015
Harixx Harixx 3540-1015-0883 IV Scam Sirenic Wed May 14 2014
Haystax Haystax 0688-5402-3761 Refused to give the agreed prize for a wager battle theWhiteRaven Sat Oct 25 2014
Hazrag21 Hazem 4871-4506-7720 Gave wrong IVs, didn't respond when confronted with it Lord Marcel Sun Aug 17 2014
HDrakon 0748-2838-0667 Nature and IV Scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Oct 09 2014
Heat DAT Ran zeroyal epicness red 3496-9496-0962 ivs were wrong and shit Angela Wed Jul 30 2014
Heroic Wombat Ryan 1005-9710-0923 2:1 trade, left after the first trade and logged off PS. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Aug 13 2014
Hexelut 2251-5775-1214 Traded a hacked Golurk (hatched in a luxury ball) and didn't respond to users pms. Eventually traded back with no fuss but better to be safe than sorry ZLG Thu Dec 24 2015
hhyg Latios 1822-0680-2554 Lied about IVs TunaFace Sun Apr 02 2017
hi hey 5fingerHandWork batman 3582-8447-8247 Initiating 2-1 Trade, not giving both trades, logging off when confronted by RTG Resident That Guy Fri Apr 03 2015
Hilda_PKMN none felipe 5386-8032-0548 Gave mediocre IVs when was specifically requested for BR Pokemon. Went offline when requested to offer something else/trade back. derhydras Mon Jan 09 2017
hincky13 Ezzz4Lyfe Ezreal 1134-9059-8238 gave the wrong ivs, tried to talk to him, got offline EDIT: Still lying about IVs // Offered to help clone then fled Anto/aeonnn Mon Apr 28 2014
hipeepstake12 nathan 2638-1440-8878 Wrong ivs, evs, etc. Jk Howling Mon Nov 03 2014
hippowdon2112 Kurt 0216-1632-4825 Lied about IVs. Went offline immediately. Golui Thu Mar 26 2015
Hiya Chump v-dux 4356-1858-0898 Lied about IVs Death God Anubis Sun Apr 02 2017
hmlh Harold 1736-1962-6254 look at evidence, obviously isnt planning on trading anything legit RTG with help from Hack Guy Mon Apr 20 2015
hoel pablosanchez189 Pablo 1950-9000-6474 Traded hacked heatran, refused to trade back "until tomorrow", went offline/changed alts in pms with the victim and RTG Resident That Guy Fri Apr 10 2015
HolowedLog AcidTone, icydeadbodies, hollowedlog, xyfoo 0791-7093-5867 Traded a mon without providing the proof and disconnected when asked. Disconnected immediately when asked for proof a total of 4 times before being BL'd and then PMed a staff member to "Eat a dick poopyhead". anubis Sat Sep 22 2018
HolyPokemonFTW DrakeTheSalamence Corvus 4871-5338-2063 Lied about IVs Luke Sun Apr 19 2015
hoola hoopa hoop Greek Demon 4940-5484-7728 Said it was 6iv when it was 4iv, Trading Hacks and admitting Spydreigon/RTG Wed Dec 03 2014
horsehead3 HH3 2595-2341-1059 Potential Powersaver. Received HP Flying Horsea from BigSpore and almost immediately after offered that exact Horsea with HP Fire. LiepardHater Tue Oct 21 2014
HoundsOfJusticeYt Presidentred14 red 1220-7936-1720 Bisharp was supposed to be KB, but it wasn't Lord Marcel Tue Jun 17 2014
HPDarkXerneas Mar0wax brody 2122-6110-9484 offering hacked ha snivies Alcamite Tue Dec 23 2014
HydrolicAcid jon 3265-5354-4003 Fake Cloner Briayan/slayer Tue Jul 15 2014
iamabigproforthis jacopo 1778-9369-5670 ArabJ traded a Shiny 6IV Guzzlord to iamabigproforthis in exchange for a 6IV Eevee. The Eevee only had 1 IV. dratias Tue Jan 02 2018
Iamalegtr Rigged 0982-5431-8420 Admitted to lying to someone saying they were approved, stole pokemon. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue Feb 11 2014
I Am Goblin Trent 1993-8622-3329 Dumbest Scammer ever. Scammed a 6iv ditto for a 1iv speed boost torchic, bragged about it in competive tutoring. Shgeldz Sat Apr 05 2014
Iamonkeman Will 1435-4216-9312 Lied about IVs and nature. Trickster Sun Jan 04 2015
Ianite_Dragon Dianite 4355-9867-8959 Stole pokemon from the person touch trading him. lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Ianus M N/A Ianus M 5172-2038-8255 IV Scam traded a 2 IV Crobat instead of 5 IV then went offline): zeroluxgiven Wed Oct 05 2016
iChickenU Janny 1049-0471-2425 Wrong IVs, ignored when confronted. LiepardHater Fri Sep 12 2014
iddy70 idris 5429-8059-1768 wrong ivs, basically asked for a ban when confronted to give it back. smelliott Sat Jun 07 2014
i do ok 4957-3739-2233 Omitted information in a trade, refused to trade back Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Jun 07 2015
I Do Weird Stuff! katen♀❤♪ 1908-3266-0842 He agreed to evolve the person's Cosmoem into a Lunala for dex entry then said their 3ds died and went offline. jkhowling Sun Jan 15 2017
I.D Scarabs Spirit Butterfly, Cocoon of Light, lab8 moth 4699-6548-2729 Traded 6 IV ditto that was not 6 IV to multiple users. CF6/UU/Anto Fri Jun 13 2014
Iftam Owen 1607-4010-0914 Lied about Ivs, was confronted and never replied Briayan Tue Sep 30 2014
Ilikeshaymin123 0318-7807-5826 Cloning scam Cranham Sun May 20 2018
I'm Magical Jesse 0791-3994-0182 Traded pokemon with incorrect IVs, went offline after. Offered to trade back, then decided not to. Later came back and traded sn0w/skillett Sun Apr 02 2017
imthatguy ppcreed GUEGUE 0791-1100-6337 lied about IVs, himynamesl Sat Mar 31 2018
Indian Swag Rudransh 0318-8526-2159 Tried offering a powersaved pokemon Beedrilll Sat Jun 07 2014
Infernape97 Mr.Squid Montay MontayPlays 3383-6443-1694 or 3883-6443-1694 Was traded first pokemon then got offline ingame and on showdown before trading his side of the deal Wuzat Sun Apr 13 2014
Iris&rosarade superstars3, reinafurret, Mabel&Reuniclus, mabelnidoquenn Darcy 3196-9129-4609 Offered a self-obtained shiny Genesect from a Gen 6 in-life event. Event doesn't exist and Genesect was from a known GTS hacker OT. anubis Sun Aug 12 2018
Isomania Isomania 0190-0863-8486 Not Kalos Born, lied about being so. Angela Sat Dec 13 2014
ItalianDarkNess Thomas ~IDN~ 0190 3308 5385 tried to trade illegal GTS Surf/Fly pikachu knowing it was hacked dr22 Fri Jul 21 2017
ItsMiniman Jordan 1564-6515-7478 Lied about a shiny not being returned. I checked the poke he claimed to have been traded for his shiny and it had never been in the other user's game (regions didn't match) Hadak Ura Sun May 15 2016
iucrowe 1736-5492-8112 Traded a Bulbasaur with the wrong HP to a user. Has been MIA and can appeal this upon return. anubis Sun Jul 08 2018
JAB 97 4485-0383-2047 stealing a jirachi, going offline, Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Mar 30 2018
jackets15 nate 1177-8984-1365 Nate needed a porygon and I found one in my pc that I didn't knew that I had, so I offered it to him and he offered me a "5IVs salamance" that I accepted. The problem was that the salamance was 4IVs so I told him and he offered me an other pokemon, I accepted it and we started to trade but he disconected before I could show him the salamance and after it he never answered any of my messages again. Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
Jackson Storm Vevo Battleking Bisharp, BattleWarBisharp Shadow 3583-3922-3381, 1951-2960-6623 Gave a user a hacked Landorus and went offline; removed from cloners previously for deleting someone's mon and tried to test on a new account cottoncandies Wed Dec 06 2017
jacoblion Jacob 3840-6994-1572 Lied about IVs. Anto Sat Apr 05 2014
Jadentheoverlordd 2595-1606-2403 Lied About ivs Briayan/Angela Sat May 17 2014
jahhhiem jahhiem jahiem 0404-6267-2633 Scammed; offering unapproved cloning. Permaban next time. Alcamite/RTG/LiepardHater/snakeindagrass Sun Nov 02 2014
jaisensei jai 1993-9823-2806 Lied about ability. Didn't respond. Golui Mon Mar 30 2015
James305 James 2165-7085-5019 Iv Scam Prodigu Fri Apr 18 2014
JamesHammond Hammond 5413-0152-6667 Lied about ivs and HP Alcamite Sun Apr 02 2017
jamyjet jamyjet 3883-7585-3299 Lied about the evs, had none Edit: Mix up; will be removed after 2 weeks Alcamite Mon Dec 08 2014
Janis 3007-9116-4687 Hosted giveaway and never gave prize, also scammed a EV trainer by not rewarding the EV trainer the prize that was promised wing/Briayan Thu Jun 19 2014
japalap99 Ether 3625-9613-0779 Lied about IV's hairy Toenail Thu Jul 03 2014
Jarraxuss Wolf 2552-1569-2096 Lied about Ivs, was confronted and never replied Briayan Thu Dec 04 2014
jase50 2638-1108-1453 Lied about Iv's Joe/Toenail Sat Aug 02 2014
Jason2424 2766-9628-3978 Knowingly trading hacks SpecsMegaBeedrill Sat Mar 31 2018
JeffreyFX Jeffrey 2208-5832-2986 Lied about IVs and nature Slayer Thu Aug 07 2014
jesse23q jesse23q 2723-9665-4826 marill wasn't 5IV lordmarcel Tue Nov 29 2016
Jetzelpretzel dickbeagles Jetzel 2466-2923-8376 Volcarona was only 3 IV, not 5 IV as promised Anto Thu Mar 06 2014
jhcowherd , Johnny 2724-0282-7444 Lied about ivs Anto Thu Mar 27 2014
jimlim 1306-6421-6925 Was suspicious, now confirmed, lying about ivs Rosie_The_Venusaur/Cranham Sat Jan 24 2015
JinnJoltHH Need IGN 3669-3350-7180 Despite previous warnings, user proceeded to do unnaproved giveaways, after that he attempted to trade a Keldeo that wouldn't go through, and after that he gave 8 mons to a user, 7/8 of which are confirmed hacks. mehlord Sat May 05 2018
Jivolite Jivo 3454-2221-9488 hit and run scammer (user not found), apparently evaded a ban and scammed again. Appealed the ban, under watch. Anto/smelliott Sun Oct 05 2014
Jleonardo Profav 4339-2714-5062 Lied about egg moves, went offline soon after sn0w Thu Aug 20 2015
jmanslith 2509-3088-6482 wanted to touchtrade a genesect , but went offline after recieving it( both ingame and on PS) Jack Higgins Sun Apr 02 2017
Joanna Gaines 0087-2915-2822 was supposed to trade a HP fire technician roserade, but victim says it didn't have those traits Lord Marcel Wed Jun 24 2015
Joel is Swell JJ 4442-0491-3732 Said it was kb when it wasn't Nebuchadnezzar Sun Apr 02 2017
Johto Jack Jack 1048-9992-0006 ran away after giving the wrong pkmn Anto Sat May 31 2014
Jonshorrow Jon 5043-3361-7231 4:1 got offline after 3rd pokemon was traded to him, guy never got his Pokemon Angela Sat Apr 26 2014
Jonvarghese Jon 1865-1315-4599 Lied about ivs and origin. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Apr 30 2015
jordanellis546 Jordan 2552-3392-8982 Tried to trade incorrect ability (lol) Angela Tue Dec 30 2014
jorgent Jorget 5387-2094-3966 Lied about IVs; Claimed was 6iv but was actually 2iv. jkhowling Fri Oct 07 2016
JorgeWoshington max 4914-4330-5436 stated that reshiram was 6iv and it was only 3 iv immediately ran after trade and deleted me Luke Tue Feb 03 2015
Joshua1022 Josh 3652-1263-1361 Traded wrong pokemon with ivs then went offline. No proof however (If TI Kills me, it's not my fault.) Offler Sat May 10 2014
JurassicMaster97 JurassicMaster123, DonphanRules93 Jacob 2337-4619-7025 Lied About ivs NighthawkL06/Anto/Leafeon Thu Mar 27 2014
JynxO, Artic 2 0232-8829-4346 gliscor had invalid IVs, Switched to alts then shortly went offline Cranham Tue Aug 12 2014
K4NT0 Kanto 2723-9611-0911 Gave wrong Ivs, went offline Briayan Thu Aug 14 2014
Kalakipoke Felix 0018-1738-9704 IV Scam LiepardHater Tue Sep 09 2014
KaleiGTV Kalei 5344-0555-1811 Hacked a ditto, directly lied about it, went offline after trade, came back, went offline when proven a liar Resident That Guy Sat Dec 27 2014
kari381 KARIM 0705-3962-1929 Anto Tue Jul 29 2014
Katapillar Devaughn 2122-7264-8086 After appeal... User PM'ed and insulted the scammed guy Empoleon XV Thu Jun 12 2014
KayGwak Kaillanez 3282-2919-7886 Wrong pokemon nearly traded, no trade was done. / Attempted to scam but was caught out beforehand / Lied about IV's Rosie_The_Venusaur / theWhiteRaven Sun Sep 14 2014
Kazuo_Hikari Saito 3952-7421-6163 wrong ivs, then went offline Anto Thu Jul 03 2014
kdh97 Kevin 5241-3088-3573 Scammed dori7o with a hacked shiny 6IV Glalie encountered at Shoal Cave at Level 34. Went offline immediately after. lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Keithgiggitygoo Keith 3411-2493-4991 wrong ivs, didn't give back the pokemon after requested Briayan/Anto Tue Jun 25 2013
kennedyngo Kennedy 4055-5460-4733 Lied about ivs, went offline after trade Alcamite Sat Nov 15 2014
KerJuice Best_Pseudo Ulysse 0989-2159-7457 tried to trade a shiny yveltal, it failed to trade, and they claimed that they had obtained it through a trade, ih8ih8sn0w Fri Mar 30 2018
Kevinhemiari Kevin 2165-7510-4958 Evidence was not clear of what kind of trade occured. Scammed on 1/2/2015, traded a hacked lapras in a 3-1 deal. Traded the 2 of the 3 away. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Jan 02 2015
KibaYoung BrockDaBreeder Master Luis, Luis 1478-4426-8961 Lied about IVs, alt switching and logging after trade, Angela/Rosie Sat Mar 31 2018
KiKi38 KIKI 2852-6897-3176 Gave Non KB Poke, went offline after 11/27/14 - On probation Briayan/Alcamite Fri Aug 01 2014
Killerpigs VVUVW 1736-1904-3160 IV scam Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Aug 15 2014
King Dovah ethan 0490-5649-0000 Attempt Scam, lied about the Crustle's origin Alcamite Thu Dec 11 2014
Kingdra 5043-4559-9581 Traded a hacked meowstic, when confronted to trade back, they lied to try to cover it up, then later went offline when given the chance to trade back sn0w Sun Dec 20 2015
KingGoomba89 Gbgoomba1500, goomba King Goomba 2552-2122-1256 IV scam/second time: KB Sylveon on his poketrade list. Once traded it came from Unova. got off after being messaged about it. Rosie_The_Venusaur/Luke Sat Aug 09 2014
king Trist Tristan 3067-6402-6075 IV Scam, went offline. What else is new? LiepardHater Tue Sep 30 2014
KOAD Koad 2621-3898-7826 Lied about IV's, denied trading. Luke Sun Nov 16 2014
koolkid1567 moba4thewin, GjRolinthedp copen 0877-4997-4034 Claiming to be an approved cloner; scammed viruszinBR of multiple Pokemon. Went offline shortly after. ciran Tue Oct 04 2016
Kortex 2449-4771-8279 mon they traded was a hack, said they would trade back later Hopkinsc1 Wed Aug 27 2014
Kosi4763 Derek 2079-7673-4773 Scammed Recently, changed to confirmed Toenail Sun Aug 10 2014
kostanata153 0232-9356-7573 Wrong IVs Luke Sun Apr 02 2017
kt3 Kiel 4828-5805-4124 Jolteon had the wrong HP, went offline Hack Guy Mon Oct 05 2015
kuntakinte1 2294-4806-6750 Unapproved cloning, stole a diancie joethemaster Sat Jul 12 2014
Ku Ro Zombie Law 2122-6936-2031 lied about IVs xzern Fri Jul 11 2014
Kyron363 Champion Kyron rusty 5343-9383-4061 Said that the Clauncher was 5iv, but was instead 1iv, went offline afterwards. intellectualdude Tue Jul 29 2014
l115l Hayden 3239-4967-5218 The Diancie was not perfect Angela Sat Jan 17 2015
LaBellaPolla  peppe 0533-6752-1838 Traded a pokemon with the incorrect ability Therazer456 Mon Dec 29 2014
Lance2626 1736-3556-4964 IV Scam; Claimed 5iv and fully ev trained, ended up 2iv JkHowling Sat Nov 07 2015
landonplayz landon 4957-5889-2497 Traded a hacked arceus, but later traded back sn0w Mon Nov 16 2015
Lapka2 Yoshinon 4914-4705-1795 Was left to clone a pokemon but never returned it Therazer456 Mon Dec 29 2014
Lazerfish Bradley 2836-1002-2890 Traded incorrect IV Gardevoir for a perfect Larvitar even though they said that it was perfect (Screenshots explain better) Fluze Sat Jul 26 2014
lazyguy6900 muhammad 3153-5824-5271 Lied about Arceus being from the event Trickster Sun Mar 15 2015
leafy007 real-ggaderet Aidan / Aden 5430-1522-1961, 0920-4944-1215 Scam of tioumi's 5IV Larvitar which was to be traded for leafy007's Shroomish w/ Drain Punch. Shroomish turned out to be Level 20 and met at Level 15 @ Petalburg Woods. leafy007 went offline shortly after. lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
Legendaryboy77 Emma 0232-9407-1751 mon they traded wasn't 6 IV as promised Anto Wed Jul 16 2014
LegendaryTrainer99 3583-0749-2876 Admitted to trading hacks etc etc continued to admit and display salt in PMs Resident That Guy Fri Mar 27 2015
lema23 ASH 3196-6952-4851 Tried to GA a "selfbreed 6iv gen 5 squirtle" also [02:17:26] lema23: i bouht these pokemon on amazon Hadak Ura Mon Mar 14 2016
LemmonLover Michel 3652-1947-9749 was asked to trade back because the pokemon he offered was hacked(HA Apricot Ball) apperently wasnt informed that it was hacked but refused to trade back Briayan/slayer Tue Jul 01 2014
letato ismael 1607-3779-5077 IV Scam. Anto/Rosie Sun Apr 02 2017
Lexos32 Luis 0404-7285-9413 Said fletchling was 5iv, ended up being 1iv also got offline after trade Whiskey Mon Jul 28 2014
liam994 4313-1688-1400 Lied about ivs. Alcamite Mon Mar 31 2014
Lige 1650-2652-4140 said that he was going to trade back the pokemon, admited that the pokemon was only 2ivs instead of 6, but went oiffline Briayan/Angela Sun Jun 29 2014
Light Matter Francesco 1521-2495-0982 Instead of a 6 IV Ditto, as promised, he gave me one with 2 IVs. Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
likitungshadow Josue 2809-9169-6151 Wasn't approved, Scammed Got offline never came back Angela Sun Sep 21 2014
Lithoes Ravecat, BippitiBoppatiBOO!, Boom GG Lithos, Soren 5386-8450-1809 IV scam, got offline. Updated with evidence. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Jul 31 2014
Littlecario 2638-5964-1514 Traded hacks and then went missing for several weeks. This BL can be appealed with a RO upon the user's return if more information is provided. anubis Thu Dec 20 2018
llamarider Teeto 2552-3230-0096 Offered a hacked Diancie, went offline when confronted. Evidence not clear. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Jan 02 2015
llApolloll Apollo 5370-0651-3579 The Azumarill was shiny, however not 5ivs and had a Rash nature. Also, was missing some moves that were promised. Angela Sun Apr 02 2017
Logey Logey 0877-0315-6921 cherish ball slyveon was traded Angela Sun Apr 02 2017
lolbuttz 4897-6991-6438 Invalid IVS on manaphy Cranham Thu Aug 07 2014
LolMasteroscar ! 2423-3730-9055 Lied about IVs 3ivs instead of proposed 5iv Cranham Tue Aug 19 2014
loltr0ll yaniel 1091-9863-9798 Gave wrong Ivs, went offline (there are 6 screenshots in the link) Lord Marcel Fri Aug 15 2014
Loppuny FTW Justin6811 Justin 1263-6787-5956 I advertised for what I had to trade, one of which was a Shiny 6IV Talonflame, he offered me a Shiny 6IV Sassy Tyranitar, it only had 1IV and when confronted he continued to ignore me and continued to go offline. Luke Sun Apr 02 2017
Lord Tequila Axel 1951-0709-5716 Lied about Hidden Power, the usual. Was supposed to be Adamant shiny Landorus 5iv for Charizard HP Ground, but it was HP Electric instead. Death God Anubis Wed Jul 01 2015
louwie 0619-6026-1118 promised shinies(?) and didnt give them Jack Higgins Sun Apr 02 2017
Loyalness Yo Mamma 4425-1521-7178 Lied about IVs. slayerx725232 Sat Apr 05 2014
Lubblybubbly Willylasange emment 4055-4205-6802 Fled after giving one of the pokes, had invalid IVS etc Cranham Sun Aug 10 2014
lucarlos Carlos 1032-2230-3547 IV scam , traded pokemon back after fear of ban Karpz Sat Apr 05 2014
luckpoke Luc 2723-9764-1189 IV Scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Aug 11 2014
lucky120 Cricket 2922-0144-3587 Claimed to have a 5IV Salamence, when traded turned out to be 0IV and left. metaldm Tue Nov 29 2016
Luckyboy2005 luckyboy 0104-1154-8658 Stole a pokemon that was supposed to be traded back for dex Ethereal Dusk Sun Jun 05 2016
LuigiMode Luigi 3454-1855-8774 Pokemon had 1iv instead of 5iv Angela Mon Aug 11 2014
Luis Garriga octavarium 4313-1959-9070 Pokemon was not ev'd as promised Jayrodd Wed Jul 09 2014
m3ga Avalon 3952-7078-1146 Lied about nature, refused to give back pokemon and went offline after trade Resident That Guy Mon Nov 24 2014
Maddi_Kawaii Cynthia 2638-0632-8276 Scammed M0nte_ by not holding up their part of the deal. They promised to give him BR Pokemon in return for a few touch trades but never gave him anything. jinofthegale Fri Dec 09 2016
Magical Girl Yuna! Sloot 4313-4192-8235 Touch trade attempted scam of user DevilishGreg. Traded back ten minutes after DevilishGreg complained, did not reply to my PM questioning them. pilica12 Fri Apr 14 2017
Magic Potion Thickfreakness Henry 1349-6643-4826 Mass iv scam. 3 pokemon traded had bad ivs. Updated, intended to trade bad iv Ditto. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Aug 31 2014
magmar556 Noah 0405-0602-3617 User was promised a 6 IV Krookodile but the Krookodile was missing speed. The User then asked for a tradeback which the scammer refused. 5fingermachpunch Thu Jan 12 2017
MangleandNAreSexy Yoyoyoyo ball, Help This Poor Lad Kate/Katie 2981-8229-4355 Unapproved cloner, stole a Venusaur and ran/Edit:(Luke) did this multiple times now. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Feb 07 2015
mangotango95 Jeff 1762-2889-0635 offered 6IV,gave 0IV, and went offline Briayan Sun Apr 20 2014
ManuelFP Manuel 3969-5934-3607 Offered 5IV Darumaka, was only 4IV's Luke Wed Oct 01 2014
mapleguy2 veterangirl, woodyl Roy 2767-0229-0619 Lied about IV's: 4 iv skarm instead of 6 Hairy Toenail/Anto Thu Jul 24 2014
Marcb7 kingkush,kilopop Crocs Moment 1220-7868-7212 Scyther had invalid ivs and moves. Updated. Cranham/Briayan Sun Aug 24 2014
MariDoop Silver 2337-5227-1998 Lied about details, knowingly traded hacks and lied about source DGA/Ciran Sun Aug 30 2015
Markas markas 5300-9509-6206 Self hacking Hadak Ura Thu Nov 24 2016
marsdeath23 Sundi 0576-4809-5188 what happened was he asked for a 5 iv perfectly bred scraggy, which i provided in return for a 5 iv battle ready gengar. the gengar was 2 IV but before i could ask to trade back he got of PS Anto Fri Apr 18 2014
martiben18 1392-5329-4138 multiple for one trade scam (?) Alcamite Thu Feb 05 2015
Marver Mark 4828-4811-3324 No stealth rocks on heatran, lied about nature too. Cranham Tue Sep 09 2014
Marx17 marc 2423-3996-7925 Trading Powersaved Pokemon, refusing to admit it. They lieddd. Slayer Sun Jul 06 2014
Masblast 3969-4027-5145 Wrong IVS promised to give another pokemon, fled from trade Cranham Sat Aug 09 2014
masterdoom5000 Arya 1006-4232-9056 user gave away a hacked guzzlord that had 0 IVs (guzzlord can't be 0iv). apparently the guzzlord was from a youtube giveaway but the user claimed that it was self-obtained. boe Sat Mar 03 2018
masterepic67 unnervingjoltik Jeremiah 2852-8205-0922 Lied about the IVs on that there Pokemon. Slayer/Briayan Sun Jun 22 2014
Masterlider mex 4055-4024-7681 Lied about egg moves Cranham Thu Sep 25 2014
MaTafakker 5172-1931-7059 Lied about approved cloning, Stole a Jirachi Lord Marcel Sun Sep 28 2014
mattiemoomoo Matt 2105-9380-1579 attempted to scam Supachu and scammed DannyK9, said xerneas was modest ended up being serious Whiskey/smelliott Mon Jul 28 2014
Mattweasly Matt 0920-1187-8191 Breed a pokemon, was given bad ivs, and went offline Briayan Sat Jul 26 2014
MaxAmbo MazAmbo, Sapphiro Esteban 3926-5005-5003 IV Lying, Alt Switching Alcamite/RTG Wed Oct 01 2014
maxie my dad bradassisgood, Bumbojumbo, I am Onix-Expected, deadbloodpool, CreedySeedy, ThursdayBlaze ALI, XERNEAS, Akexis 4743-0489-8648 Used GA system to troll - stated they weren't going to give a Charizard to someone they don't know sipanale Mon Oct 16 2017
mbrezzy Martavious 3755-1021-7463 Gave a kyurem not with 5IVs like they said they would, when asked about it, they didn't respond and logged off a couple minutes later castaways Thu Jul 07 2016
Mega $cizor Red 4038-6546-6035 Stole a rare kalos born shiny collateral from a cloner, made a cover up story, under the watch of Cranham Cranham Thu Aug 07 2014
megadurant1999 0920-1171-4376 Updated: Said they were approved, gave 2 names not on the approved cloners list. did it again and apparently scammed. Rosie_The_Venusaur/smelliott Fri Aug 29 2014
MegaGliscor100 Ace 3368-2247-4553 This guy promised me a 0iv attack and 0iv speed ditto, but the one he gave me has neither. Luke Sun Apr 02 2017
mega lol cat blood 0791-2701-3768 Unapproved cloner, stole some pokemon, went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Oct 18 2014
megamanlauncher Isaac 1049-2099-2527 attempted to trade a non ha non beast ball gible when they offered one that was hadakura Tue Dec 06 2016
MegaMinty Ark 2981-8687-4830 Giveaway scam, No IV Eevee when 5 IVs were promised SpecsMegaBeedrill Sat Apr 23 2016
MegaSableyeOP 2105-9254-3261 Said the Eelektross was 6IV and self bred, but was 0 IVs. Then went offline afterwards 3GM/Darnell Tue Jul 29 2014
melikepokemons lolpops101, thedeadlymix, alex1233414, quickscopenscope 4270-1335-3342 Pretended to be a approved cloner, tried to scam Cranham Fri Sep 26 2014
meowstic alphameal umsnerf, myfaves Carson 2466-2614-7399 wrong ivs~ Anto Sat Jul 19 2014
MetaEvolution WonderingLucario 0791-3359-7506 MetaEvolution was banned from giveaways but did a giveaway afterwards on the alt WonderingLucario (proof that they are alts: Lord Marcel Sat Mar 31 2018
Metaltrainer986 Michael 2406-5731-6994 Wrongs IVs, went on a different account. LiepardHater Thu Sep 11 2014
Mewberries Willow 0061-0656-7312 Rayquaza had 3IV instead of the promised 6IV Lord Marcel Wed Aug 19 2015
Midori Chi Navi 2938-7181-5796 IV scam joethemaster Thu Jul 24 2014
mightychu Alejandro td 5301-1506-4790 IV scam ; giveaway scam Rosie_The_Venusaur/Ciran Sat May 30 2015
Migz_appeared Migz 3738-0202-5010 IV lies Shgeldz Wed Apr 09 2014
MikasaLock 2895-7174-0370 Admitted to knowlingly traded genned mons RTG Sun Feb 22 2015
Mike520 Michael 3840-5535-9275 Iv scam Cranham Sat Jan 31 2015
Milkeh Waffle for life, Woof The 1st, Waffles are life 4511-0791-6885 gave wrong ivs poke and went offline after Briayan Sun Jul 27 2014
minestuner 0104-0740-8433 Lied about IV's, left right after trade Hairy Toenail Wed Aug 06 2014
mitch01 0104-2800-6238, 0619-3963-5431 giving a blatantly hacked mon, leaving with an unbalanced trade, but mainly for lying about the IVs of the gardevoir he gave me Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun May 24 2015
mlorddono ByakuyaIzumi byakuya 1736-6144-6870 Scammed on a 4 for 1 trade. Pretended not to know the person who reported him while logs prove a trade was agreed upon aggwyn Sat Feb 17 2018
MonadoBoy_28 Anthony 4184-4618-4267 Wrong IVs, went offline right after castaways Tue Dec 27 2016
Monotooi Chris 0791-2512-9533 iv scam, went offline straight after. smelliott Mon Jul 07 2014
Moove it along.... 2208-5262-6644 Lied about IVs Cranham Thu Aug 07 2014
Mordekai Mordekai 3840-7021-1368 Wrong IV's on shiny Chimchar Jk Howling Fri Jul 25 2014
Morphsuit1234 Duolingo1324 Romelez 0147-2237-5603 Just, see the second screenshot Hack Guy Sun Jul 19 2015
Mr.BBoii BBoii 4356-1595-4252 Alakazam wasn't KB, went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Aug 15 2014
Mr. Breeder Tupac 4227-1873-2341 Lied about ivs, went offline after Briayan Mon Dec 01 2014
Mr.Gingy Mr.Gingy 0662-4848-9223 Lied about IVS/ Lied about being KB/HB, Alcamite Sat Mar 31 2018
MrMulatto Anthony 3325-3624-3512 Wrong IVs, when I confronted him he said he would give it back, but simply went offline. LiepardHater Sun Oct 19 2014
MrSharpedo Ben 3797-7914-6202 Lost a 6iv blastoise to them. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Jan 21 2015
mrstealyogirlz 3454-6396-4313 Peddling hacks from their "friend" to users in Wi-Fi. anubis Sat Dec 15 2018
MrThundershock Ethan 2552-1151-2915 wrong ivs Anto Wed Jun 26 2013
MSableye yesnomaby J 5413-1307-0164 Lied about nature and ivs NighthawkL06/Anto Fri Apr 18 2014
Mudler Berry 4940-6169-6593 Lied about Ditto's IVs and left immediately after trade ended Book Wurmple Sun Apr 02 2017
Mulvone19 :~D ! 0259-0326-0827 IV Scam, went offline. LiepardHater Mon Sep 22 2014
musa655 Musa 0318-8621-4277 scammed something, would not trade back. Anto Sun Apr 02 2017
Mynameisboss 1951-0261-3274 Traded a genned latios Alcamite Thu Jan 29 2015
nanomaster 0447-6117-0696 borrowed pokemon to breed, ran off with them Anto Sun Mar 30 2014
Narutokid KantoGreen Tyson 1907-8753-7440 1iv mew instead of 6,changed alts when he pm'd about scamming, got offline before banned be wary Angela Sun May 25 2014
NarutoUzumaki217 0061-1709-2753 Offering Powersaves Briayan Sun Jul 27 2014
Nathan654 5086-1032-6754 Disconnection issues and refused to trade back. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Oct 26 2014
Natzuya06 5086-3260-8207 Traded the wrong pokemon. Refused to trade back. Skillett Sun Apr 02 2017
ndrap14 Nico 5472-9666-9143 Your usual Lied about IVs. Nothing out of the ordinary. Golui Tue Jun 16 2015
NewbScreb ,FireProofVest, HerpaDurp, BobTheRonald Brandon 0130-2574-8629 iv scam went on different accounts to avoid mute Angela Thu Aug 14 2014
NewKidHere , NaNa Baba Sunny 4871-5116-0697 Knowingly traded hacked ditto to another user alexender Wed Dec 21 2016
ng1727 4399-0635-6887 He stole a shiny pokemon and a 5 iv one. No proof however. Zeleth / The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
NickSchauerman nickschuermann9 2723-9694-7040 wrong ivs and nature Rosie_The_Venusaur/Lord Marcel Mon Apr 06 2015
Nidoking LP Tim 4098-3946-7510 Offered and gave unapporved cloning services, and didn't respond after scamming Auzbat Mon Nov 24 2014
Ninjins Chanseyinme/ShinyBuster/Baby123 3711-9240-6409 Didn't trade promised pokemon, didn't respond when pm'd, switched alts, Death God Anubis Sat Mar 31 2018
nishtheraptor dragonfist1204 Aqua 0318-9082-8367 Scammed during a touch trade and went offline Briayan Wed Dec 17 2014
no_free_nick Amazing_Mewtwo Valkron 3926-5725-5377 Lied about the Excadrill. Attempted to scam again 12/06/14, when told of scammer status, hurriedly left Alcamite / theWhiteRaven Mon Jul 07 2014
nomilebug nomiLeBg 2122-7611-1892 Lied about IVs. Scammed again, lied about region caught in. Hopkinsc1/Cranham/Rosie Thu Oct 30 2014
Nope Im Real 4124-5421-0954 IV scam (?) Alcamite Thu Jun 12 2014
nponce 4141-3186-5648 Traded an Arcanine with bad ivs, traded back however. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Sep 27 2014
nugzilla nugs 4270-2678-2972 ; The Guy was trusting the other guy joethemaster Tue Aug 19 2014
NukeInstant 3926-6739-4668 Invalid IVs on the Pichu, went offline after the trade Cranham Mon Aug 11 2014
OffbeatSplash93 CaME827b 0748-6216-3281 Offered hacking in the room and was banned, then continued to offer hacking in PMs to WiFi staff. anubis Thu Feb 21 2019
Ofursure , nicody 1392-5662-7646 Knowingly trading hacks, Luke Sat Mar 31 2018
OGThottieCynthia01 4442-0006-7482 IV scam, lied about being KB, flat out refused to trade back even after threatened with a global ban and wifi blacklist., Trickster Sat Mar 31 2018
OhhrealxD Ninjaboy222, pater2012, yummytummybaby 2380-4262-7807 wrong nature, wouldn't trade back aeonnn Sun Apr 27 2014
Ojamalord Eric 1778-9893-1226 Lied about IVs, wasn't 5/6iv as proposed. Cranham Tue Aug 19 2014
omaress5 4098-5969-1618 lied about ivs, refused to return pokemon after being PM'd, told him he will be banned, still refused sn0w Sat Mar 26 2016
omri22222 omri 0361-8718-1678 Lied about OT/TID ciran Sun Jan 08 2017
on9pokemonq 2595-0312-7297 iv scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Jan 22 2015
One95Snipes Ash 3711-7375-5990 promised KB shiny, wasn't KB, went offline straight after Cranham Fri Aug 29 2014
OPjason 5043-1177-0322 claimed someone elses proof as his own for an event TTAR Jack Higgins Sun May 01 2016
Orangeapple2 0619-4834-5918 Lied about IVS Cranham Sun Sep 28 2014
ordinarygentleman 3969-5142-7590 Traded a Minior with wrong IVs. Has been MIA and can appeal this upon return. anubis Sun Jul 08 2018
oseglopez13 Jose 3695-0224-7898 wrong ivs then ran away Anto Tue Jul 29 2014
p1a2o3 Mad 0404-7710-4036 traded a genned mon, got offline Anto Sat Apr 26 2014
Pancakedog 2739-1519-998 After checking the deoxys myself, Pancakedog was indeed a scammer, Invalid ivs on the Deoxys for his 5iv Bisharp, ask him to trade back, went offline shortly afterwards/Refused Cranham Thu Apr 24 2014
PapaCow Grant 1349-6042-1278 Admitted to trading illegal WT pokemon to other users, Alcamite Sat Mar 31 2018
PapaGranola DoubleDutchDude Sierra 5215-0146-4776 Lied about details Espurr/DGA Thu Aug 13 2015
Paperclipman CptCarmine CptCarmine 4124-6211-5462 Lied about IVs, said they would be back, and they were... like a month later. LiepardHater Sun Sep 14 2014
ParaBro 5172-0935-5993 lied about nature and BP, went offline after trade Cranham Wed Aug 07 2013
Patatta Luis 4227-4505-3923 Lied about ditto HP Cranham Sun Oct 11 2015
Paterdalegend1998 RSBunnyzaP99 Mike 4828-6376-3196 lied about IVs,,KOdzD8C,0uVifL6#2 himynamesl Sat Mar 31 2018
Pattzor 3668-8043-0822 Wrong ivs on pokemon. panpawn Sat May 10 2014
Pearljam10 ,zappin pikachu Alexander 4640-0134-5295 Offered a Kyogre, 1 Iv, confronted and went to an alt Briayan Mon Aug 04 2014
peekotreecko Darkrai4676 1822-1396-0661 gave a mon with the wrong nature, didn't respond via PMs afterwards even though they talked in chat castaways Wed Jul 06 2016
Pepper's Ghost Nick 1822-3912-0324 Traded a 3IV shiny salazzle that was advertised to be 5IV and went offline afterwards castaways Wed Nov 30 2016
PERSON 3241 3952-7754-4153 Didn't do the second trade Lord Marcel Sun Aug 02 2015
Pheonix242 Glen 4382-3202-6739 Lied about the nature and Ability, sadly the screen shot doesnt show much SpecsMegaBeedrill Sat Aug 29 2015
picadillyc niceguyjoe Matthew 2809-9500-4013 wrong ivs Anto Thu Jun 26 2014
PikachuVoltage yrt 1856-2154-2345 IV Scammed, went offline when confronted; Traded back JkHowling Sat Jan 02 2016
Pimparoo666 Thom!!! 3668-7581-3458 Wrong ivs and nature Cranham Tue Apr 29 2014
Pinigol51 Ted 2079-8679-6252 Lied about the IVs on Tyranitar, 3 instead of 5. Drayen Tue Nov 17 2015
pinkftw Nathan 5129-2599-1448 was supposed to be a touch trade, disconnected off of 3DS and never responded to PMs in Showdown Whiskey Mon Jul 28 2014
pitties Shubhankar 0731-5073-0670 mon they traded was 1 IV instead of 6 IV Jayrodd Thu Apr 17 2014
pixl8bit 0404-7360-9606 IV Scam, general rude person. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Jan 11 2015
pointdexter michael 4527-8474-1765 Lied about it being Kalos-born Jimmy / The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
Poiseidon7 Childlov 5429-9656-7863 Tried to IV scam Lord Marcel Thu Apr 02 2015
PokeArnab Arnab, BirbNinja54, birbNinja, Fareonmaster57 1349-9886-7671 offered a Shiny Mew, traded with him and the OT is edited, the IVs are diff than he said and when confronted about the hack he changed from saying "I caught it" to "my friend did it" and went offline rossw Sun Aug 06 2017
Pokebreeder111 robert 1547-5751-5577 Traded wrong IVs and tried to trade wrong moves. Cannot get confirmation on the FC however Lord Marcel Sun Nov 30 2014
PokeDeathHurts Damian 3926-5651-5519 Powersaving, stealing pokemon, admitting in PMs to RTG RTG Mon Jan 26 2015
pokedragonloord 3110-6223-3836 Impersonating an approved cloner, scammed Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun May 03 2015
Pokeflow Zach 0919-9919-4743 Attempted to scam . Trade Did Not Go Through. Update: Actually scammed someone Angela Sat Jul 26 2014
pokelucas27 Lucas 5413-0503-1275 Lying about ivs Anto Sun Apr 02 2017
pokemon3422 4699-5401-4889 admited when confronted, jayrodd/Anto Sat Mar 31 2018
pokeplayerhd Callum 3669-1235-6616 Lied about iv's and went offline after Ciran Sat Oct 24 2015
Pokeplays101 0860-4011-0560 Lied about ivs, went offline Cranham Tue Sep 16 2014
PokePriince 2509-3165-0624 Scammed someone and went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri May 01 2015
Pokerusgamer Lucas 0748-2457-3946 Lied about HP fire status, went offline after theWhiteRaven Tue Dec 02 2014
poke trade yugioh slay, L0rdShuckle 2852-9006-9398 Hit and Run. User not found., Briayan/LiepardHater Sat Mar 31 2018
polies scisor 4 ubers Billal 4227-2924-8927 Wrong Nature, when offline right after,alt evaded to scosor 4 ubers Briayan/Angela Thu Jun 26 2014
potatos and stuffwt all the ducks, mah tacos, quackers Liam 5000-3059-0338 he promised a 5iv chandelure instead it was a 2iv chandelure. Updated. Scammed again. Briayan/Angie/Anto Fri Aug 01 2014
powaah Sweg 5086-1945-1451 Gave 1 IV mon instead of 5 IV mon. Anto Sat May 24 2014
Preciado, Edgarrr Edgar 0190-0679-6846 Said it had HP Ground, had HP Dark Resident That Guy Sun Apr 02 2017
Primal Goodra Ronbert 0919-9677-0455 Tyrantrum was missing wrong IV, traded back after confronted with it. Vowed to never do it again. Lord Marcel Tue Jun 24 2014
PrinceIbrahim99 Ibrahim 0920-4151-3139 Organized a trade with TeacherDustox but gave him a different Tapu Lele than the one mentioned grumpig Sun Sep 24 2017
PrinceK123 4485-1379-9551 Traded user wrong ability Litleo, was rude and refused to trade back. ZLG Sun Jan 17 2016
ProtectTheFrkshow 2595-2262-3163 Shiny Arceus evidence is in the screenshot smelliott Thu Sep 25 2014
ps3kid 2234-7252-5748 Traded turtwig and scyther but IVs weren't as promised Luke Fri Mar 30 2018
pskimcho Dyrus 3325-3397-6366 Attempted to scam with a random mighteyena Angela Thu May 22 2014
Psomakis Kardel Shrpy 0963-0839-6365 IV scam, lied to me about what was promised, went offline before evidence came through to be talked about theWhiteRaven Sat Dec 20 2014
puckdog9 4613-8469-4203 Didn't give prize to the winner of a wager battle snakeindagrass/LiepardHater Sun Oct 12 2014
Pugsrcool 1546-3239-0590 Pokemon wasnt correct IV's Offler Wed Jul 02 2014
Purple Snowball Ethan 2638-1335-8872 Gave wrong Ferro and went offline Angela Fri Aug 15 2014
puwr sanic sanic 0533-8576-8119 Giveaway scam sn0w Wed Jun 15 2016
pyr0xlizzerdzz Ross 1392-7414-7263 Traded hack from WT, sn0w Sat Mar 31 2018
QZAS Julia 3695-0675-2242 IV Scam LiepardHater Mon Sep 01 2014
rabbit478 SaltyNuggetZ 2637-9813-1668 first name referred second name for cloning, then stole pokes, accounts were linked, etc. sn0w Fri Mar 18 2016
RabidZangoose XAVIER 3668-7726-2604 Attempted to trade a shiny arceus (Genner) *NOTE- the screenshot says 3368 but it's 3668* Alcamite Sat Jun 21 2014
raizer1 1203-9553-7046 Lied about IVs and then went offline Jack higgins Sun Apr 02 2017
RamiC10 Rambo 5301-1634-3042 Obvious hacked mon, fateful encounter without an event. DeathGodAnubis Mon Apr 13 2015
Ramtron 1779-0951-1753 unapproved cloner scamming Anto/AuzBat Tue Sep 30 2014
raphstow seth 1779-1188-0640 traded a 1iv Pichu as a 5iv pichu and later went offline kalalokki Sat Dec 10 2016
RatikAte Green 4124-5670-8009 He lied about iv's and Hidden power. Amphy Sat May 24 2014
Razkip Razdon Razdon 5344-0019-9857 Traded a low IV mjos, claimed that the person he scammed, went offline after being confronted. smelliott/Briayan Sat Jul 19 2014
rchengkiller Nick 3754-7872-7161 was traded a sylveon, promised to get it cloned and give the clone back, went offline soon after. ih8ih8sn0w Sun Nov 13 2016
red435 Mubeen 0645-6099-6310 chespin did not have the right ability Angela Wed Jul 30 2014
redjay326 0748-2270-7986 Lied about ivs Briayan/Angela Sat May 17 2014
Reevaleev keith 0791-2359-5369 offered ditto genning services, also did not gen the dittos as promised Anto Mon Apr 14 2014
RenaNoulis noulis 1392-5877-1379 Trade a hacked Castform and knew it was hacked, Alcamite Sat Mar 31 2018
Renegade Azumarill royaljayman123 josh 4511-1503-3970 Iv scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Sep 01 2014
RevChwan OverPowerSkill Homura 4828-6040-0786 Â Said the garchomp was 5iv but it was 0ivs. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Jul 26 2014
Reza Fabio 3668-8799-4181 Lied about ivs NighthawkL06/CF6 Tue Apr 01 2014
rftgr Cypro 2895-8758-6042 wrong ivs and shit and not adding me Anto/Angela Tue Jul 29 2014
Rin Tosaka 3454-1219-0639 OTÂ and iv scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Sep 01 2014
rloads Daniel 3969-6035-7158 2 for 1 Scam. Only gave 1 Pokemon. LiepardHater Sat Oct 04 2014
robertmoore0417 Rob 1478-5331-3101 Aerodactyl only had 1iv Angela Wed Jul 30 2014
robofish01 worldpeace 0189-9310-8091 Attempted to trade a bred gen 6 shiny bred heavy ball tauros MrPapaJohn Tue Oct 06 2015
rockymtnhigh09 Shaul 4399-0038-0004 The prize was not BR as well as a hack Kangaaroo Thu Aug 20 2015
Rodrigo_Gutierrez 2767-0344-8350 Lied about ivs, 4ivs instead of 6, went offline straight after Cranham Sat Aug 16 2014
Roundzee Gabe 2938-7576-8880 Lied about being KB Battle Ready Hairy Toenail Mon Apr 14 2014
Rujewfuz Vash 0662-3799-7957 Gardevoir had invalid IVs was 3iv instead of proposed 5iv Cranham Thu Apr 17 2014
rylierox , Aussiesavage rylie 4871-7032-7180 trading hacked event arceus legofigure11 Wed Feb 01 2017
Ryuuking 4313-2668-3771 Joltik had 0ivs when promised 5ivs Rosie_The_Venusaur Sat Jan 17 2015
Saerian xNeko_Vanpx 0662-4815-9413 unapproved cloning Anto Sat Mar 31 2018
Sai8nlj 1006-0685-1611 Lied about the Beldum's iv, when confronted lied to me about the beldum's ivs, went offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue Dec 30 2014
salvac17 light501 3067-7165-1448 Traded 5iv and non-kb/hb, promised 6iv and KB/HB Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Mar 02 2015
SamDaman28 Sam 5215-3847-1373 Scammed dori7o with a hacked Play! 2016 Shiny Mewtwo, which had 6IVs and multiple ribbons/ perfect contest condition. Refusal to tradeback. lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
SankareaZombie Sankarea 3136-7099-5965 Offered genning in PMs lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
SatanicSlurpuff Puff 1006-3143-0961 IV scam, the Sableye was 4IV -HP and Attack, not 6IV. Went offline after trade Sondero Sat May 07 2016
ScareWolf Drake 1478-6579-2023 Claimed it was self-bred and hp grass; It wasn't JkHowling Sat Dec 05 2015
SchIeich 1392-7164-6519 Impersonated an approved cloner RTG Sun Feb 01 2015
Scoonty Donnie 0173-2121-9455 IV Scam. LiepardHater Wed Sep 03 2014
scufe 5129-2001-3603 Lied about nature and ivs joethemaster Wed Aug 06 2014
Sejun Ren 4270-3718-8816 Omited information on the nature in a trade, rude to the trader, tried to trade a hacked pokemon. Rosie_The_Venusaur Tue May 12 2015
SexyMudkip 4914-4583-9395 Ran after 2 for 1 trade promised hoopa (which couldnt be traded) Cranham Sun Jan 12 2014
Sh4dowsEdge termina7er Tyler 4167-5834-0119 Unapproved Cloner and such. LiepardHater Sat Oct 18 2014
shadowknight2335 Kyle 2423-3198-2576 Lied about IVs, went offline before he could be confronted. Slayer Sun Apr 02 2017
ShadowLugia420 JAred 1048-8174-9238 Lying about IVs, refusing to trade back until a while has passed, generally acting shady RTG Mon Jan 26 2015
Shadowsora99 DefogOP, On Defog Op, Not Punny Kermit 3153-4184-6144 Tried to scam @antto with a non-KB pokemon and then ran away FreeButter / The Real Red/Anto Sun May 25 2014
shadypenguinn236 Nate 1736-1490-6384 Many Scam Very wow Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Feb 08 2015
Shagadelic X 3153-4748-0388 Wrong IVs on pokemon and possibly genned. Jimmy / The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
Sharkthomas raloonda 0576-4811-7437 They said they would 2:1, bailed after the first pokemon was traded. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Aug 10 2014
sharkwars3 Ash 3368-3099-4130 Said Kangaskhan was Competitve 5/6IV's, it wasn't. Took a Venomoth. Luke Fri Sep 26 2014
Sheepmaster02 3712-0330-4200 Lied about IVs, went offline when confronted Sondero Sun Dec 20 2015
Shellspinner Nicky78111 Nicky 3454-0201-1317 Mewtwo wasn't 5ivs as promised Cranham Mon Aug 04 2014
shiningsilver7 Chris 1650-1215-7660 Non approved cloner, after being confroted, left Anto Wed Sep 24 2014
Shiny456 0989-2259-7911 stole around 20 pokemon. oml Anto Tue May 20 2014
ShinyHotDog ShinyHotDog 2852-8008-8300 Lied about Ivs and nature on a Dialga. Didn't respond when asked about it, came back some time later and scammed again. Hadak Ura Sat Mar 19 2016
shinylester 5215-2017-0262 Attempted to scam, lied about ivs Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
Shiny's appeard Ethan 1650-2715-0662 Did not complete full trade/pretended to be approved cloner on the list, Scammed Cranham/Prodigu Sun Apr 13 2014
shinyzeusx 4570-9223-5851 Said Amoungus was 6IV, turn out to be 1. Then went offline Luke Tue Sep 30 2014
shoboss bro4life Kevin 3325-3592-9982 lied about ivs and nature,went offline after. Attempted scam again 10/14/2014. Briayan/LiepardHater Tue Oct 14 2014
SieceOfPhit sully3555, pokeguy125 Sullivan 1177-8223-5455 wrong ivs and blah Anto Wed Jul 16 2014
SilverSonic81 Luigi 1091-9135-2227 Non kb once again genned pokemon Angela Sat May 10 2014
Simply_Pokemon Hidden Dragonite, Nick FTW, ★Illumin∆te Nick 0919-9910-3642 Gave wrong iv and natured pokemon and wouldnt respond to pms Wuzat/Anto Fri Apr 04 2014
sippityskop 4828-6114-5943 IV Scam, got offline. Rosie_The_Venusaur Wed Jul 30 2014
Sir. Dedenne7000 4570-9367-8029 Lied about details and then 'disconnected' Death God Anubis Sun Apr 02 2017
Sir.Dedenne Boss.Man 5456-0655-8788 Wrong ivs and wrong hp on Magnimite. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Apr 02 2017
sirisll Dr Tsun 1607-4078-2388 Lied about HP ice Lord Marcel Sun Apr 26 2015
Sirmandude12 2251-5635-0495 Lied about ivs, trading genned Pokes // under Anto's watch Damienn/aeonnn Sun Apr 02 2017
Sir Slug Nigby SirSlug 3196-3255-6351 Pokemon didnt have right ivs enver fixed mistake Angela Wed Jul 30 2014
skip921 1564-5091-4532 Promised a pokemon with certain egg moves, once taken to the move reminder, the moves were not there and the user went offline Dratias Sun Apr 02 2017
skmon1220 matattak qwerty 1478-4067-0314 Impersonated a cloner scammed mons ciran Tue Jan 31 2017
skullshield 1908-0844-7643 touchtrade scam, went offline when asked to hurry up when they went unresponsive Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Jan 18 2015
Slader7 3325-2636-5888 Lied about egg moves and IVS Cranham Tue Aug 26 2014
SleepySnivy Roman 1177-8196-0750 Gave a Diancie with 3IVs instead of 6 like promised, went offline after the trade and before confronted castaways Sat Jul 09 2016
Slob Bob 1950-8638-0299 Traded a hacked Arceus, fled Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Oct 26 2014
Smaug the Sceptile 1461-6416-6416 transfer job with a voice, scammed 20 pokemon, gave them back however. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Mar 15 2015
smellyop Chris 4055-5190-0474 Scammed 20 shinies, claimed he was going to get an approved cloner to clone them. Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Oct 09 2014
SmileyFace SmileyFace 2981-7618-0856 Lied about IVS Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
Snappy D william 0061-1264-1526 Lied about IVs Cranham Wed Aug 13 2014
Sniperswat742 Wade 0473-7773-3662 not kalos born Anto Sun Mar 30 2014
Snivyhunter Miguel 4871-3410-0492, 1350-0061-2174 Went offline immediately after lying about the IVs of the Rowlet they traded jinofthegale Sat Jan 14 2017
Snorbitch 3308-5461-7746 Offered to gen, was an idiot RTG Sat Mar 07 2015
SoldierMoo Edward 2793-0729-4037 Offered 5IV Trevenant, was 1IV Tunaface Sun Apr 02 2017
songoku19911001 Son Goku 4854-6706-1270 IV scam Shgeldz Wed May 14 2014
Soul448 Grey 3196-5081-7208 Sylveon was not 6ivs nor did it have the HA Hack Guy Fri May 15 2015
Souls of energy Vince 3668-9522-2467 4 IV Aegislash was 2 IV Anto Mon Jun 02 2014
sparkyy90 3840-6747-1842 IV scam. Rosie_The_Venusaur Sun Sep 28 2014
spiritgamer13 Spirit_VGC 5112-3848-0408 Traded a lonely HP steel tapu koko when promising a HP ice timid, went offline after the trade, and came back to ignore the user scammed castaways Sat Dec 17 2016
splash is number 1 Brett 0791-2748-4901 scammed diancie EpicPikachu63/Anto Mon Apr 14 2014
Spoiled Taco Captain Dorito Manuel 0318-7237-2325 6iv ditto for sandslash with knock off didnt have knock off tried evading ban Angela Wed Jul 23 2014
Ssharpz Steven 3738-0045-6092 IV scam Angela Tue Apr 29 2014
StarVolor Asuyablizzard 5386-9213-4273 Lied about ivs/tried to scam a user with the same pokemon recently NighthawkL06 Tue Apr 15 2014
SteelPax Brenden 1092-0365-2638 Admitted they traded a hacked Pokemon, refused to trade back Kangaaroo Mon Jul 20 2015
strah96 Sergio 0087-2389-9530 Trading hacked mons from gen 4. Lied about them being HT and cute charmed. They are 6iv and impossible to obtain in gen 4 throwingstar Fri Mar 30 2018
Strategy Rat Robert 2621-3833-1795 Lied about IV's, when confronted, lied about having traded. Scammed again 12/20/2014 theWhiteRaven Sat Dec 20 2014
striker8414 1220-6404-7070 Lied about IVs and nature. slayerx725232 Sun Apr 13 2014
Suad 3969-4425-1453 Stole his aegilslsh and never replied afterwards Ampharaohs Fri May 30 2014
Supah Stone Chrystian 4699-8526-9531 Lied about IVs and left when confronted. residentthatguy Thu Dec 01 2016
Superman36 brandone 2981-6166-8367 Groudon should have adamant, had docile Lord Marcel Mon Jun 23 2014
Super pooper scooper Luke 0087-2419-9139 Deino had 1iv instead of 5ivs, Angela Sat Mar 31 2018
SwaderBePimpin JuicyMane Swado 8341-8200-804 They agreed on a Hp ice timid Manetric for a 5 Iv tynamo, Manetric had wrong ivs, was confronted, went on alt. Rosie / Briayan Sat Jul 26 2014
swag walrus david 0318-8167-1932 Scammed in Cloner's Test ._. Poker Sun Apr 13 2014
SweetKarma Ashin 1204-0647-8523 Lied about IVs and logged off Resident That Guy Fri Jan 09 2015
Swiskar Swisgelf Duncan 1306-7912-4260 5iv bisharp was 2iv Angela Fri Jan 09 2015
switch lazer boggie man 24, lazer king Shamil 4570-9126-7554 traded some random amoongus, non Kb, wrong ability, nature,and moveset, Angela Sat Mar 31 2018
szithareka FEDE 0662-2524-5964 Offered a 6IV Adamant Ditto, it ws Bold with no IVs. Went offline immediately after the trade. Dratias Wed Mar 28 2018
TANK WEEZING!!!! Abre 4098-3347-1255 wrong ivs, the person showed me the pokemon Anto Sat Jun 07 2014
Tardwagon Curleef 2724-0697-2762 Traded a fishy Milotic and a hacked Metagross, left when confronted Tunaface Wed Apr 27 2016
Tawph Tophie 2079-8804-0485 Invalid IV's Said it was BR and it was not Luke Sun Apr 02 2017
tay98 3841-0931-1409 Trading hacked Pokemon in the room. This BL can be appealed with a RO upon the user's return if more information is provided. anubis Mon Oct 29 2018
Team Plasma Man 3110-6839-5974 Giveaway Scam (0ivs instead of 6iv) Cranham Sun Apr 02 2017
Textel Hades 5300-9871-0354 lied about IVs, said it was 4-5 IV and it was 0 IV Anto Wed Apr 23 2014
T Gonz Tyler 0147-0263-8894 Lied about Ivs AuzBat Thu Dec 25 2014
ThatGodlyGamer Bj 4227-0996-9640 Lied about IVs, but gave it back later. Golui Wed Jul 22 2015
TheBronkodino arber 3969-5754-8149 offering to hack and shinify Pokemon RTG Thu Feb 05 2015
thebunzofdamage thebunsofdmg 3153-4937-1898 Wrong ivs and nature on the drilbur Alcamite Fri Dec 05 2014
TheCubism Jacob 2724-0987-3509 user tried to perform a split-trade for a Shiny Terrakion for his Lucky Punch item, upon recieving the Terrakion Cubism revealed he did not have the Lucky Punch and went AFK and eventually offline when asked to trade back. mehlord Sun Jul 01 2018
TheDKat 0619-5855-7313 Lied about IVs, wrong Hidden power Cranham Fri Dec 26 2014
TheFlameKillerr Nisio 1005-8538-4558 Said Ditto was 6iv and it was only 2iv. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Aug 25 2014
thegecko422 3239-3344-1256 Lied about IVS, 3ivs instead of promised 5IV Cranham Thu Aug 14 2014
TheGuyInThatCorner Lauren 1161-1138-8597 Lied about IVs, went offline, yadda yadda yadda. LiepardHater Fri Sep 19 2014
TheHacker200 Lumagrowl, Theofficialwierd Mark 4785-5908-0740 Gave a 0IV ditto, after being asked for a 6IV one, admitted in screenshot posted earlier 3GM/Spydreigon Wed Jul 09 2014
thehonestsheep Hazem 1693-1651-1879 IV Scam. 5IV Zubat was 1IV lordmarcel Sun Oct 02 2016
The Last Cradily PhantomDusknoir Orlando 2.0 1478-5710-9612 Lied about IVs, refused to trade back, dramatic and uncooperative in PMS to staff RTG Wed May 20 2015
TheLeafion ololololoo Adrian 0834-2966-7985 Lied about Ivs, went offline. Traded bad iv'd Ditto. Cranham / Rosie_The_Venusaur Fri Nov 14 2014
The marvelous one William 2595-3984-1689 Tried to trade a 3iv Shiny Kyurem as a 5iv one. admitted it when confronted Hadak Ura Mon Apr 11 2016
TheMegaBidoof18 Ian 2036-8945-0099 Trading unrealed hacked mons, in chat and repots by various users in PM's Briayan Mon Dec 22 2014
Themenace373 themenace373 0361-8066-8277 Traded wrong Murkrow. Rosie_The_Venusaur Mon Aug 25 2014
TheMrx747 Justin 3668-9705-1726 Lied about IVs. The usual. Kalalokki/Golui Tue Jun 30 2015
TheNeonGroundhog landon 4554-1325-0090 Lied about iv's and went offline after, revealed to have genned pokes Gardevoir~Gallade/Ciran Sat Oct 24 2015
TheNuggetLord Chris 1564-3239-0590 Admitting to modifying using powersaves SpecsMegaBeedrill Thu Jun 23 2016
Theonlytruegopher TheGopher 3797-7160-489 Was LF 5/6IV, recieved 2IV. Traded Pokemon back, after being confronted. On a differnt acc - QixRuby Luke Sun Oct 19 2014
therealrealred tid 2852-8232-7033 wrong iv and went offline after asked to trade back. Note: DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE REAL RED wing / The Real Red Sat May 10 2014
TheSHINYhunta Drakonixx/Flixix, Darkarax Quajustus 4442-0532-4593 Cloning Steal when he was doing a "collateral" he said his pokemon was 6iv but then it ended up being only 1iv, got offline after trading Whiskey/Anto Sat Jul 26 2014
TheShinyJirachi Solid 3411-2984-7196 Wrong ivs on the ditto Alcamite Sat Oct 25 2014
TheVanisCz megaSlowbroOp javi 0576-4865-5172 Lied about ivs and went offline Briayan/Lord Marcel Wed Aug 20 2014
The_walking_zed goochiboi, hanabro, topkeke goochiboi9 Matthew 4313-0628-5365 Sableye had 3ivs. Updated. Cloning scam. Updated Cloning Scammed Again (permabanned) Cranham Sat May 24 2014
THKLOG Angel 5344-1419-9369 Selling an abundant amount of poorly hacked pokemon sn0w/garde Mon Oct 26 2015
Thre doctor Jack2 1418-7503-3247 Thre doctor, offered a Shiny Pokemon for a Ditto safari, and didnt give the prize that was promised, confronted about it, blocked pms and proceeded to leave the room with no response after Briayan/Whisk/JK Thu Jul 17 2014
ThreeDaysGraceAMV 3540-2384-3714 Nature Scam Rosie_The_Venusaur Thu Sep 10 2015
thunder th Gorilon 3454-2872-3519 Traded Shiny BR Empoleon caught at Lvl50 and Route 101 metaldm Sat Oct 08 2016
timo2001 timothy2001 Anthony 4399-3110-1201 Promised a 6IV Lycanroc to ProFS16, It was not 6IV. dratias Mon Oct 16 2017
TJ Sweep 0774-4479-8209 Gave 1 IV abra instead of 5,went offline after Whiskey/Briayan Sat Jul 12 2014
TMitch Blake 1762-3748-8405 Traded incorrect ivs with two different people and went offline Kalalokki Tue Jun 30 2015
tmugs10 Tyler 4253-3847-4809 Didn't trade back a touch trade he requested / 2nd offense traded a non-BR shinified deoxys that they knew was hacked, went offline lordmarcel Sun Jan 15 2017
todd.lawson Todd 4828-5238-8489,Pc8rY2W,n2AHZml,UAgYVT1,ayT2rz5 Anto Fri Jul 11 2014
TonOfWar Issa 0576-4951-5952 Wager battle scammer, says he has more than one DS, tried to be smart with me thinking there was no proof. Also trying to get pokemon in exchange for his FC gfra Sat Jul 12 2014
Tornado hook kick Jay 5198-3021-8715 lied about IVs